Those sea walls won’t build themselves without slave labor

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If all of the ice at the polar caps were to melt, America’s shoreline would change drastically leaving millions homeless.

Introducing the “Judicial Gambit”

A thought-experiment seeing where the conversation on the repeal of the 13th Amendment leads us…

It won’t be the first amendment they topple on their road to Nazi America, but it will certainly be the last. With the turning of the screws in the Supreme Court and the shoehorning of Amy Coney Barrett into barely cooled robes of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Republican’s judicial gambit is now complete.

Whatever do you mean, gentle dissident? I’ve never heard of the “judicial gambit” before.

I am certain it has a real name somewhere, but I have opted to call the painstaking process undertaken by Republicans for thirty years to manipulate themselves into a position of power that would not require having dominance in the White House or the Congress, the judicial gambit, for this plan requires only the control of the lower courts, federal courts and the Supreme Court of the United States. …

Time is the fire in which we all burn.

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A slow fire, crackling around our bones, a sudden pop surprises us, a cornerstone of our lives suddenly gives way;

A beloved movie star, an aging parent, God forbid, a child, vulnerable without the scars, the temporal burns to warn them away from the vicissitudes of life.

Time, a morass of moments, half-remembered, blurring between celebrations, festivals, acknowledgment, and failure, a personal relativity, compressed when one needs it, expanded during the dark tea-time of doctor’s visits, interviews for jobs, long conversations with aging relatives who have the same admonishments, every visit, unable to remember anything else.

Those are the worst fires of time, the ones which portend the unexpected, the inane, a conflagration unexpected. …

Why Americans died needlessly of COVID-19 and why it’s likely to accelerate in the months ahead as we race to reopen the country.

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Depending on where you live, the first wave may be ending for you. Statistically speaking the first wave will have ended when a state has no new infections for fourteen days. Not one state can say this has happened.

Surviving the first wave is not something to celebrate. You survived it because you were likely sheltering somewhere if your state’s leaders were doing their job. The sheltering in place was only the beginning. It was to prepare you for the stage many states are now entering: The far more dangerous and possibly explosive second wave.

The second wave was inevitable. We all knew it. We agreed to shelter in place while hospitals figured out how to prepare for the expected wave of casualties from the first wave. We sheltered in place for two to three months, depending on where you lived in the country. …

The mark of leadership is an understanding of sacrifice

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If it is my duty to guide my sailors on their floating citadel at sea, then let me always consider them first. Without them, I lead a city of steel without a heart.

If it is a betrayal to err on the side of life, then let me be the first to err, for my crew is my life. Without a crew, our warship is naught but a hollow threat.

Most importantly, if I am to rain destruction upon my nation's enemies, if it is my life's work to defend my nation, then let it be that my nation is worth defending. …

A virus shares its concerns about humanity’s future

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Can we talk for a moment?

I promise I won't take much of your time. Don't mind that scary graphic. My agent said I needed to get your attention.

I figured I already have. I'm engaged in killing you (collectively).

It's not personal. You guys all look alike to me. I am not affiliated with any particular party, or social group. In fact, most other viruses barely know I exist. In my native habitats, bats, pigs, and other animals hidden in dark jungles, I exist in harmony with natural forces. …

The GOP is destroying America but you don’t have time to care.

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If we are being honest, it may already be TOO LATE. All hail Emperor Trump!

The impeachment summary (because I can’t call it a trial, there were no witnesses nor evidence allowed to be submitted) will say to anyone who ever becomes president after Donald Trump, assuming anyone gets the luxury of doing that:

“Fuck these rubes. I can say whatever I want to whomever I want and screw the consequences. The law can’t touch me and I can bully anyone in the Congress into obeying me or make their lives a living hell. …

Mother Nature Called. She wants her planet back.

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This is that moment when you
decide, as a species,
what’s important.
Having profit
Or having a
place to

“Some firefighters report flames 150 metres high. Read that again, slowly. Flames 150 metres high. Higher than a 40 storey building.”

Imagine a towering inferno of pure flame
terrifyingly majestic, feeling the heat,
Inescapable, inexorable, impossible,
Watch as it consumes your world
It’s fuel? Your hubris, your belief
In your dominance over nature.
It feeds on your history
The denial of your
Failed leaders
In Hawaii.

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Scott Marsh’s painting of Australian prime minister Scott Morrison

“They don’t care if people burn. They don’t care if the planet burns. They care only about their power. …

What if you only had three minutes to change your life?

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I’d say that’s a 750 word challenge I was born for.

250 words a minute…

As a writer, your challenge in any presentation is to show what you’ve got. In a post-literate society, it is the most difficult challenge imaginable.

Not because people can’t read. But because they won’t. They have too many other choices. To make things worse, as a writer, you lack the visual punch of the artist or graphic designer. Visual art appeals and in a second we can decide if we like or not.

If you’re judging music or spoken word, its the syncopation, the rhythm of the work, which connects to you, the meaning in that staccato delivery, or the arpeggio bridging that final coda. …

National Infrastructure and Americans, Not Included

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Welcome to Short Attention Span Theater

At SAST, we share with you a bunch of news articles which you might never get around to finding, let alone reading, to help you get a grip on just how precarious life is for everyone in the United States, even if you are among the richest of us. How is that possible? Because no matter how rich you are, if you live in this country, the possibility of any number of terrible fates can await you without making a single mistake or lapse of economic judgement.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick example. China is a hotbed of viral activity in the news. It always has been. Viruses are said to mutate there due to dense populations and very crowded living conditions. But did you know it can take a pandemic, contagious virus, should said virus find its way to an international airport, the capacity to go all the way around the world in less than 36 hours? Yes, not even two whole days and we could all enjoy the latest variation of SARS or Ebola or hemorrhagic fever. …

Education and the Illusion of Security

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Today, everywhere you look, people are telling you that desperation is the key to success. That if you are desperate, you can take any risk, you can do anything — you must do whatever it takes to survive to create to be your very best self. Jump from airplanes, swim with sharks, shoot guns, do whatever you can to get your heart racing so you can enter the mind of the desperate individual to find your true power.

These are the blathering of people who have never been truly desperate. These are the affirmations of the well-to-do, who have never been under duress, never hid from creditors, never wondered: medical care I desperately need or rent, so I have a place to live while pondering the philosophical question of having medical care without knowing where you will be living in thirty days. …


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