Just before all hell breaks loose.

Before I begin my work day and pretend nothing outside my door matters to my psychological well-being, I am reminded of the current bizarre behavior across my planet, which I would not be aware of except for the use of the internet:

  • South American nations have thrown up their hands in light of the coronavirus and the lack of resources (i.e. vaccine) available for them to fight the disease currently ravaging their populations.

The White House’s First and Second Dog (Champ), weigh in on the “aggressive incident” earlier today.

I know what you heard. I know it sounds bad, especially if it’s made the news cycle. I am sure I will hear my name more in a day than I’ve had in my whole life. Let me assure you, there is more to the story than those people have been telling you.

What had happened was…

“I was invited to the White House. It’s the biggest house I have ever seen. It’s filled with people wandering about looking official. No one every says a kind word or throws a ball while I was there. Not once.

You know, there…

Happy Holidays. But what should that really mean?

Happy holidays. Given the sledgehammer to the nether region the year 2020 has been, I understand the cynicism. No, this won’t take long.

I just had a strange and wonderful thought.

Yes, I have lots of those but this one was special.

I don’t internally celebrate Christmas. This was not the strange thought. This is more of a confession. I never liked the way it was perverted into a reason and target to go shopping by. I am not particularly religious, so it hasn’t a lot of significance for me there, either. Neither the Baby Jesus, amazing ever-burning candles, or…

What Are We Doing About It?

Congress is letting people die.
Tell a friend.
Okay, so I’m the bad guy
for telling the truth.


People are losing their homes,
hundreds of people
are in virtual Zoom sessions
as they’re evicted by judges

into the streets,
without money,
without resources,
without alternatives.

during a pandemic
becoming MORE
to a disease spreading like wildfire

among a populace barely alive
catching aflame because
the system dried them out
left them vulnerable and
didn’t choose to save them;
their lives a pre-existing condition.

They let them die.

Congress could have saved hundreds of thousands of people…

Those sea walls won’t build themselves without slave labor

If all of the ice at the polar caps were to melt, America’s shoreline would change drastically leaving millions homeless.

Introducing the “Judicial Gambit”

A thought-experiment seeing where the conversation on the repeal of the 13th Amendment leads us…

It won’t be the first amendment they topple on their road to Nazi America, but it will certainly be the last. With the turning of the screws in the Supreme Court and the shoehorning of Amy Coney Barrett into barely cooled robes of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Republican’s judicial gambit is now complete.

Whatever do you mean, gentle dissident? I’ve never heard of the “judicial gambit” before.

I am certain it has a real name somewhere, but I have opted to call the painstaking process…

Time is the fire in which we all burn.

A slow fire, crackling around our bones, a sudden pop surprises us, a cornerstone of our lives suddenly gives way;

A beloved movie star, an aging parent, God forbid, a child, vulnerable without the scars, the temporal burns to warn them away from the vicissitudes of life.

Time, a morass of moments, half-remembered, blurring between celebrations, festivals, acknowledgment, and failure, a personal relativity, compressed when one needs it, expanded during the dark tea-time of doctor’s visits, interviews for jobs, long conversations with aging relatives who have the same admonishments, every visit, unable to remember anything else.

Those are the worst…

Why Americans died needlessly of COVID-19 and why it’s likely to accelerate in the months ahead as we race to reopen the country.

Depending on where you live, the first wave may be ending for you. Statistically speaking the first wave will have ended when a state has no new infections for fourteen days. Not one state can say this has happened.

Surviving the first wave is not something to celebrate. You survived it because you were likely sheltering somewhere if your state’s leaders were doing their job. The sheltering in place was only the beginning. It was to prepare you for the stage many states are now entering: The far more dangerous and possibly explosive second wave.

The second wave was inevitable…

The mark of leadership is an understanding of sacrifice

If it is my duty to guide my sailors on their floating citadel at sea, then let me always consider them first. Without them, I lead a city of steel without a heart.

If it is a betrayal to err on the side of life, then let me be the first to err, for my crew is my life. Without a crew, our warship is naught but a hollow threat.

Most importantly, if I am to rain destruction upon my nation's enemies, if it is my life's work to defend my nation, then let it be that my nation is…

A virus shares its concerns about humanity’s future

Can we talk for a moment?

I promise I won't take much of your time. Don't mind that scary graphic. My agent said I needed to get your attention.

I figured I already have. I'm engaged in killing you (collectively).

It's not personal. You guys all look alike to me. I am not affiliated with any particular party, or social group. In fact, most other viruses barely know I exist. In my native habitats, bats, pigs, and other animals hidden in dark jungles, I exist in harmony with natural forces. …

The GOP is destroying America but you don’t have time to care.

If we are being honest, it may already be TOO LATE. All hail Emperor Trump!

The impeachment summary (because I can’t call it a trial, there were no witnesses nor evidence allowed to be submitted) will say to anyone who ever becomes president after Donald Trump, assuming anyone gets the luxury of doing that:

“Fuck these rubes. I can say whatever I want to whomever I want and screw the consequences. The law can’t touch me and I can bully anyone in the Congress into obeying me or make their lives a living hell. …

Thaddeus Howze

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