A Burning House on the Hill

DACA, H1B Visas, Immigration, Exploitation, Slavery, and Genocide are the cornerstones of American prosperity.

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We’re aware of what you think of us and we are shedding those ideas right now. We’re making America Great Again. Gone are the namby-pamby ideas of what makes a nation great. We don’t cooperate. We conquer. We don’t negotiate, we dictate. We don’t ask your opinion, we tweet it to you are three in the morning from the golden throne.

Please don’t forget to pick up something from our fine gift shops at the hotel. We sell steaks there, too.

As a visitor to this fine country you may find yourself confronted with a veritable host of cruelties which, on the face of it, make absolutely no sense. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your visit.

As a nation founded upon immigration from one country to another, with a heaping helping of genocide and religiously-sanctioned chattel slavery, it seems only sensible we are now engaged in a rabid exclusionary pogram against anyone who comes from any country we disagree with.

How ironic. I am certain the Native American survivors would be only too happy for every White person descended from those early conquerors to return to their homes post-haste. If they weren’t so marginalized they can barely participate in the remnants of that Great War so many centuries ago.

In our more enlightened aspect as an exporter of culture and perpetual warfare, if we bombed you in the last two decades, we don’t want to do trade with you. Unless we have business there already. Then, that’s okay. Our perpetual war machine must continue to find new people to destroy in order to keep foreign powers from ever thinking they could find a way to get along with us. The United States doesn’t get along.

It plows its enemies into the soil and builds Walmarts. Lots and lots of Walmarts. Who doesn’t love Walmart?

The fears promoted today are rationalized as reasonable. The idea Whites are unable to gain their part of the American dream is somehow put in relationship with the promotion of immigrants somehow thwarting the capacity of Whites to succeed.

White men feel compelled to remind us of their lack of sovereignty every chance they get. Nazis get on television and remind us “They will not be replaced!” while pundits making seven figure salaries secretly try to convince you their cause is just and you should be supporting them against those real terrorist groups out there on foreign soils with terrible religions and oppressing women.

Because we don’t do that here. We just don’t. This is America. This is a Christian nation. This is a white nation struggling under the oppression of multiculturalism which is destroying all that America stands for.

These white men are certain they are the last of their kind who will enjoy Mom’s American Apple Pie (with apples from Chile), monster trucks (made in Mexico), Nascar (people still watch that?) big-breasted blondes and giant hamburgers which seal up your arteries merely from the photographs of them.

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How will America make it up to the whites who are now lacking the economic power to compete in this brave, new world?

Are these the same whites who are currently enjoying 3.9% unemployment rate, the lowest it’s been in fifty years? Or perhaps its the same whites who are filling our corporate offices across the nation at 68% to 72% of the workforce. Are these the same whites who control the richest tech corporations in the world and are comprised of, on average 73% of white men in management positions? Are these the same whites who make up 90% of corporate boardrooms?

Or perhaps the same whites who make up what is considered to be the most diverse Congress in the history of the United States at 81% white? Yes, you read that correctly. Most diverse Congress in history and its still 81% White.

I see what they mean. How can they be expected to succeed when everywhere you look there are white men being shown to be successful, and in power, controlling every single aspect of American society? Can’t we make this any easier?

How much easier does it need to be for them, considering their viewpoint that multiculturalism and the dreaded “reverse racism” are destroying their every opportunity for success?

What’s happened to the “good-ole boy” network? Where’s cronyism? What about nepotism? These were the accepted methods of power transfer for generations? How did America lose its way?

Don’t worry, I’ve kept cronyism alive in my administration. Nepotism, too. Corruption continues bigly, I assure you.

Does this mean there are not disadvantaged whites out there? Absolutely not. But their disadvantage is not due to the machinations of immigrants sneaking across the boarders. They are not disadvantaged to minorities getting educations, or having jobs that don’t require them to be up to their elbows in agriculture.

No. It’s much more insidious.

They are due to the machinations of said white boardrooms, white corporations and white Congressmen, who tip the scales toward profit, who alter the laws allowing corporations to send factories overseas, to export businesses to other countries where the cost of labor is cheaper and the profit margins are insane. As well as keeping money in other nations, free from taxation and any other means of addressing corporate wealth.

Using technology, corporations have become more profitable. Their technological advantages reduce the number of workers, to the bare minimum necessary to run their vast technologically enhanced empires. Workers stripped of support staff, now doing the work of three individuals, twenty hours a day, on call, without rest, while being told, burning is good, stress is good, ‘vacations are bad and you better not take one or you will lose your job to the next guy who won’t take one’, and ‘you better be available to me within three minutes of my calling you or you fucking fired but this is part of an inclusive and friendly work environment.

Because that is how startup unicorns are born. With the sweat equity, the suffering of thousands of workers who are cut loose once their piece of the great machine Unicorn has been created, so that the One who survives may sell to the highest bidder and return to the great Opportunity Pool as a venture capitalist hoping to fund The Next Great Unicorn!

Using lobbyists they have managed to import special alien workers on H1B visas, which in their way are just a form of technologically-enhanced slavery. Bring someone to your country. Deny them any real rights. Their employers confiscate their passports, put them in the equivalent of corporate housing with thousands of their brethren. Exploit them, for as little pay as you can pay them. Send them home when they speak up or you run out of things for them to do. Rinse. Repeat.

No immigrant signs up for this. They sign up for the dream on the bottom of the Lady in the Harbor. They sign up for the opportunity to make their own way, to create their own fate, but too often, that is short-circuited by greed and other white men.

Now we have a new target. Innocents brought to this country as children by parent seeking a better life in a world gone mad. Their home countries ravaged by war (economically viable from our perspective, of course) drugs, criminals, all destabilized in the quest for power, these intrepid individuals put all they owned on their backs, sold what little they had and endured the nightmare of traveling to the United States.

I want you to imagine doing this yourself. Right now. Consider moving what you can carry, the money in your pocket and walking to the next country you think might let you in. You don’t speak the language. You don’t know a soul. The best thing to happen to you on any given day is to meet someone who could talk to you for a few seconds in your native tongue.

No one is happy to see you. No one considers you a person. No one wants to give you an opportunity to prove your worth. You are a person. You have skills. You have dreams. You have a family to take care of.

And what do you hear? Why don’t you go back to your own country? If that were possible, you would have never risked the indignities, the cold, the heat, the deadly transactions with people as willing to murder you as deliver you to the borders of this country. The sea, the monstrous, whispering consumer of many, tempting and consuming many of your fellows on your trip here. You break out in a sweat when you think about it.

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No. You find a way. You take jobs no one would take. You do things no one would consider. You squeeze out a living. You figure out how to send your child to school. You are so proud of them. They are learning the language, they are fitting in. They will be American one day, even if you never really feel like you are one.

You are not a citizen. But you look like one. You act like one. One day you forget you aren’t one, when you look in the mirror. But you know you can never forget. Ever. One mistake. And you return to a hell, you fought to escape. And now your children will too.

But you have a secret. You ARE a secret. Immigrants may cost the nation money in their first generation. But in their second, they are an asset. Their drive, their motivation to succeed makes them unstoppable. By the third generation, they are some of the most profitable individuals in our country. They form corporations, they are highly educated, they have learned how to navigate the systems and are independent of the Old Boys Network. They have their own connections.

Perhaps therein lies the true fear of those in power.

So we are preparing to ship them off to their parental nations, without a safety net, awareness of the culture or in many cases, no ability to even speak the language.

That’ll show ’em. They won’t be sitting around keeping American from being great…

I didn’t say our government was the most sensible construct of modern society. We are America. We are already the greatest nation in the world. First among heart attack victims, obesity, monster trucks and movies with explosions. Who doesn’t like explosions, right?

Which is why we welcome you to the United States, please understand, we want you to go home as soon as you have spent your last unit of currency.

We liken America to a vast golf course. The elite play golf. A game of kings, where the leaders of our society mingle and stride across the Earth, making decisions which affect the lives of millions. The people who tend this golf course do it invisibly.

They aren’t allowed to play. They aren’t allowed to watch. They are behind the fence while the masters of the Earth discuss how they will disenfranchise the next generation, and the one after it, building the very systems of their oppression into the air they breath, the water they drink, the media they consume. Until those people are trod upon, like the grass supporting this game of kings.

The very idea of their wealth is an algorithmic conceit having no basis in reality, much like the valuations of precious startup Unicorns, coats glistening with the sweat equity of indebted college students just smart enough to know they’re being exploited but lacking the liberal art’s education necessary to know what to do when they realize they have no future worth pursuing.

These white men never sense the growing resentment, they are never aware of the tightening noose around their own necks. They never noticing the gathering storm, confident the police, who are in their pockets and the military who thirsts for blood, will foil revolution before it can happen, using terror, sanctioned killing and if necessary martial law, for the good of the nation’s ever-growing lower classes.

It’s for their own good. Just ask the people of Chicago who live in a hellscape of their own design, right?

And best of all, these men in power, do this while the world burns in the background, oblivious to the danger to themselves, backs turned to the nightmare of their own creation. They are unconcerned because they don’t have to work. Money, in this society, makes money. We are rapidly approaching the sweet spot of wealth. When there is no longer a need for industry, when money can simply finance the creation of more money, where the techno-orgiastic interaction of supercomputers and stock markets create wealth from nothing but the valuations of invisible companies producing useless products no one can buy.

For who will buy their products, when no one works? Work has become impossible for many. They lack the proper credentials, they lack the proper connections, they lack the proper debt levels to be considered good citizens. A good citizen is indebted to the Machine. They have fewer choices, they are more compliant. They need to work or the demon of Interest shall consume them and their progeny, until they are Forced Out into one of the thousands of growing tent cities across the nation. Never able to return.

Work in the Algorithmic Age is for the elite. Educated, but not too smart. Work-capable but compliant, skilled but tolerant of mistreatment. The perfect worker does not know their value. Or believes they should be an entrepreneur and siphon their wealth from someone more gullible than themselves.

It’s okay. The White men in Congress, their lobbyists, ALEC and other think tanks who promote anti-intellectualism will think their way into world dominance while promoting the idea that thinking is bad and no one should do too much of it. Work is good, thinking is bad.

Work harder, if you can. If you are lucky enough to have a job. In the end, I don’t see the people in power asking the right questions, so this great experiment in brutality, exploitation, globally-sanctioned murder and extermination will be drawing to a close, very soon.

In an America made great again, who will live in the overpriced homes lying fallow next to tent cities, when no one can pay the constantly inflating costs for their ever-bountiful electronic distractions; who will buy the useless wares of Mega-Unicorn X, when no one can order products online flown to your tent by exotic drones, driven by private pilots, algorithmically paid by each delivery, using their own drones to keep company costs down…

In a world where work has been turned into one more corporate commodity, to be parceled to the right corporately-indentured workers, who are routinely plundered of their wealth, with their consent, to pay for everything and get nothing at the end of a term of service, shuffled off with but a whisper of opportunity to be gained by a office worker more ruthless than they.

In a world where disasters created by man’s blindness to his role in nation, enriches said megacorporations who tout the lack of evidence for climate change, profiting from every aspect of it’s creation, but socializing the cost, externalizing the damage done, making taxpayers cover the costs of the damage. Note, I said taxpayers. Most corporations of any significant lobbying acumen, pay little if anything in taxes. Their workers may, but the corporation has lawyers which have made it possible for them to profit in billions and pay not a single red cent to the greater public good.

Thus profit is privatized, but disasters formed by their profit are socialized, death, destruction, inhuman conditions, loss of resources are all issues individuals must cover either through their taxes, the expectations the government will care about them in the future, or by the sweat of their brow, the loss of their children, the threat of vagrancy only one hurricane or two away.

There will be many great hurricanes in the future. The biggest on record. America will have the best hurricanes.

For this is all part of the game. The Great Game for which there can be no winners. A game everyone is forced to play and for which there have been made no alternatives which seem reasonable, palatable or significant in their eyes.

No, these men are too engrossed in the idea of wealth for wealth’s sake, lost in the game of kings; lost in the domination of the little people beneath their feet. A game played in the shadows of a fire, consuming the world, flickering just out of their range of vision.


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Lost in the weeds, again. Bigly.
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