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Alex Zubatov is a graduate of Yale University (B.A., summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa).

Alex Zubatov appears to believe it is his sole duty to promote the ideals of talking about race, without talking about race, giving and defending the dominant subculture of this society, single-handedly, if he must, making his way through the ranks of Medium writers with the regularity of a tornado, sharing his perspective with people who, for the most part would rather dance naked in a hurricane of broken glass.

Mr. Zubatov has a propensity, as a lawyer would, to refer to other documents written by himself, of course, because his ego knows no bounds, to remind us that his dominant cultural view of race and racism is superior to anyone who has not his extreme educational pedigree and legal acumen.

I suspect most people make the correct choice and do not engage him in commentary because ignoring the troll is often the most effective way of dealing with a person who continues to harass and harangue anyone whose perspective is completely different than his. His highly educated writing tone is meant to patronize and demean other writers as often is the way of the members of the dominant subculture who like to use the “tone of an argument” as a way to defuse it. After all, reasonable people insult you with backhanded statements which would be struck from the record in a court room when objected by the opposing council.

While Mr. Zubatov’s arguments tend to be a bit lazy, he is not above using his own ad hominem attacks, polite ones, of course, in an effort to make his case seem more reasonable. His ability to cherry pick particular statements from an argument and use those to build a flimsy case around shows the quality of his education because we know that in American justice, it often has little to do with being just, and more to do with the quality of the attorney interpreting the laws in new and unprecedented ways.

As for the reason, I am writing this document, it is to make certain two things will be known:

  1. Mr. Zubatov will strike again on Medium whenever his White Fragility deems it necessary to defend the dominant subculture’s virtues against the impending threat of minority voices getting too loud and damaging the Status Quo which, Mr. Zubatov has every intention of enjoying due to his being a cisgendered (presumably) White Male (definitively) who has had the benefit of a high-quality education which stands him in good stead in the current American litigious culture we find ourselves immersed in.
  2. I don’t intend to stop writing about the improper treatment of minorities which have taken place in the past and often continue into the present BECAUSE no one is willing to speak up about them. These days it is excellent to see people no longer allowing highly-vocal and erudite writers such as Mr. Zubatov to silence them with their apparently reasonable arguments which if studied closely don’t usually stand the test of such scrutiny, but are delivered with such conviction, most are quelled into writing less or being silenced altogether.

If you are a writer on Medium who feels the need to speak about how you see the world, from your perspective as a cultural, social, racial, gender-based perspective, please continue doing so. People like Mr. Zubatov will continue to inform you that YOU are the problem talking about race, while ignoring the fact that racism exists and no one is dealing with the actual problem of racism, they are just suggesting the people who have to deal with it: just shut up and suffer quietly.

Never allow such bullying to prevent you from speaking your mind. Don’t respond to him or his threatening responses to your missives. People who are out there no matter their class, race, creed, religion, culture, or gender have a right and a need to speak to the world at large and no amount of dominant subcultural ranting, even from such highly decorated members of that group as Mr. Zubatov, should prevent you from having your say.


As for myself: This will be my first and last communication with Mr. Zubatov, mostly because, after reading through his responses to many writers on Medium, his perspective says: There is nothing wrong with the world, diverse perspectives being crushed into submission couldn’t fix. This means the very act of communication would be lost on him.

As for my language and tone in my previous article (because I don’t apologize for anything else I said) the profanity in the title and a single use of ‘damn’ and a single use of ‘fucking’ hardly qualify my document of over 4,258 words to count as a prolific use of profanity.

Perhaps what you found most profane was the idea I might point out the difficulties of racism and how if somehow we could make this system more balanced and equitable, you might have less time to harangue other writers on Medium.

Or perhaps, you just don’t like the idea of a world where people get to speak their truth and it is different than yours.

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