All Hail Emperor Trump!

The GOP is destroying America but you don’t have time to care.

If we are being honest, it may already be TOO LATE. All hail Emperor Trump!

The impeachment summary (because I can’t call it a trial, there were no witnesses nor evidence allowed to be submitted) will say to anyone who ever becomes president after Donald Trump, assuming anyone gets the luxury of doing that:

“Fuck these rubes. I can say whatever I want to whomever I want and screw the consequences. The law can’t touch me and I can bully anyone in the Congress into obeying me or make their lives a living hell. I can close the borders, separate families, imprison children, militarize the border patrol and build beautiful fences to keep out illegal immigrants.

“I don’t ever have to obey any rules or tell the truth, ever. I don’t have to care about the citizens, even if they voted for me, I don’t have to divest myself of my assets or my control of them. I can pocket government funds in the name of presidential security. I can play kissy-face with dictators and tyrants and snub my nose at the environment as well as our former national allies.

“I can kill whomever I choose as long as it’s done with the excuse of national security. And if I happen to benefit from a stock price shift after my actions, so much the better. When they ask, I can tell them I’m the president. I am above the law. I could eat a baby slathered in mayonnaise in Times Square and you couldn’t do a thing to me. Impeachment is for pussies.”

This is the new presidency, backed by the Grand Old Party.

The problem isn’t that the Republicans are destroying themselves. If they were pleasantly self-destructing, driving themselves out of the office with their rhetoric and self-inflicted injuries, I would be fine with that. They are destroying the nation. Piecemeal. Slow and steady degradation of services, of capacity, of opportunity for the common citizen, all in search of next quarter’s profits.

We have lost the trust our allies built up for decades. We have lost the trust of the people, who can no longer rely on government to protect them from the corporate predation so common in the modern society during Republican rule. We have become a cruel and feckless nation run by venal men whose malfeasance and mendacity can be seen in the existence of private, for-profit, ($775 a day, per person) concentration camps,


— concentration camps on the border which house people in spaces that are too small, with too many people, denying them any form of healthcare, even flu shots which means all it will take is one person to have flu and people may begin dying. Poor food, inadequate water and cleaning facilities, no blankets, no beds, nothing hospitable in any way.

When the goal is to try and create an aura of fear, to try and prevent immigrants from coming to America, it’s a concentration camp. When you don’t treat the people in these places with any humanity whatsoever, it’s a concentration camp. When you sexually assault the inmates, dispose of the records of those assaults, and prevent doctors and senators from coming to see the conditions, its a goddamn concentration camp. You don’t need ovens or gas chambers for it to be wrong. When its cruelty for cruelty’s sake, it become a concentration camp.

But we aren’t just harming immigrants, we are also harming citizens. See Puerto Rico for a reference. Delayed aid after Hurricane Maria. Desperately needed humanitarian aid held back under the auspices of policies. When do we tell Americans, your state is broke, so we won’t be sending you disaster aid?

Puerto Rico, a self-governing commonwealth in cooperation with the United States

We don’t. But we set a precedent with Puerto Rico, a commonwealth in alliance with the United States, which tells me, when we started using FEMA money to build the border wall, the possibility was not far behind. You don’t believe he would take $300 million dollars from FEMA?

How about now?

Let’s not stop: the cruelty parade continues as the Republicans cut school lunch programs, cut back on CDC funding, cut back on FDA, USDA and any other kind of inspection or protection program which could aid public health and well-being. Why? Apparently they don’t care if you get sick and die. They spent the entirety of the Obama administration trying to kill the Affordable Care Act (also known contemptuously among the Republicans as Obamacare) without the decency to present a viable replacement to the 44 million Americans who have no health insurance and the 38 million who are under-insured. You would think the skyrocketing cost of medical care, which is the number one reasons for bankruptcy in America would be a concern for our Congress.

Not so much.

Now they are planning to cut Medicaid and Medicare under the pretense they are balancing the budget through those cuts, which wouldn’t have been necessary if they hadn’t given the people least in need of money, further opportunities for tax relief they didn’t actually need. Then there would be no need to balance the budget. 90 corporations walked away paying $0 in corporate taxes on billions of dollars. Don’t take my word for it. Read it in all its technicolor glory right here:

This includes top of the food chain companies where some of them are known for their substandard treatment of their workers including: Amazon, Delta, Starbucks, Chevron, General Motors, FedEx, Halliburton, Netflix, Salesforce, Whirlpool, MGM Resorts, Chevron and Deere. The same tax avoidance is likely to repeat itself as long as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is maintained.

But you know what won’t stop needing money? Schools. Fire departments. Police. Hospitals. Roads. Electrical services. Sewers. Water systems. You know: the stuff we call civilization? The very lifeblood of these corporations who need educated workers (but won’t pay to educate them) who show up on time (but won’t fix the roads or support the mass transit programs) and have the cognitive capacity to imagine a future that is less of a hellscape than we are currently enjoying. Those same corporations will want fire departments to show up if their building caught on fire, police if they are being robbed and hospitals when their neighboring refinery releases unregulated toxic emissions.

Corporations use those things but don’t pay taxes toward them. What is going to happen to those services? They will slowly erode and fail. Each failure cascading to the next. Until we are living waste deep in our own trash, fertilizing our gardens with our own shit, drinking our own urine and imagining we are driving across the surface of the moon on the long way to work because there are no bridges in our city that still support people safely.

And ultimately the Republicans want to tell you that its about the budget. The budget which has been balanced under the Democrats and then exploded whenever they get in office, draining funds from the national coffers and putting them in their corporate friends stockpiles, with the phrase “we need to balance the budget” coming out only AFTER they have given away money to their friends, family and cronies.

The need for balancing the budget is predicated on taking away from the people who need it most under the Republican rubicon of: If God wanted you to have it, he would have given it to you. Since he didn’t, our government shouldn’t be on the hook to take care of you in your old age or disability.

Alas, if they only said that to Walmart every time payday rolls around and those workers have to apply to the government for welfare because they aren’t paid enough. The government never minds giving money to corporations, no matter how egregious their policies are.

The Republican Party has become a party of predators, seeking to enrich themselves on the pain and suffering they inflict on everyone the law will allow them to. And if the law doesn’t they will adjust it using the judicial system and the Supreme Court until it does.

The cruelty is the mission. The suffering is their objective. A slow lingering death on the streets has become the outcome for millions with nary a backward glance.

And then a coronavirus came to town… a potential pandemic we are not prepared for. Not one bit.

This has been the Cognitive Dissident.

A Coronavirus Addresses the Nation (coming soon)

Who is a Cognitive Dissident?

A person for whom exposure to cognitive dissonance has resulted in rational conclusions contrary to the ‘official’ narrative of history and/or culture.

Rejecting the assumptions of our modern society, that we lack the capacity for change, we aren’t capable of learning new things; the belief America is past it’s prime, a failed democracy, undeserving of any respect for its citizens or its accomplishments, I reject all of those premises. I reject the idea America is a white nation, only for Christians and no one has any say in how it should be run, except them.

I say: If America is a white nation, where Christianity is the order of the day, then both whiteness and Christianity have failed. We are more cruel, less enlightened, more repressive than we have been since the days of the Antebellum South.

I say, it’s time to try something different. Let’s see more of that shining beacon on a hill and less of that fire pit where we use the sick, the under-privileged, the uneducated, prison labor, the poor and the homeless as fuel to power our society. People shouldn’t have to wonder if their government is trying to kill them. Right now, if that was their impression, it would be right on the money.

Let’s do better than that, eh? Hold your government accountable. Vote. Find candidates who don’t look at you as fuel for their next election bonfire. Find candidates who actually know what the environment is. Candidates who recognize computers as tools not entitlements. A few candidates less than 60 on the Congress would be nice too. They might have some idea about the environment that isn’t tied to corporate spending for their re-election in two years.

This is the Cognitive Dissident reminding you, any government which deregulates corporations and then depowers the agencies designed to monitor those corporations, or worse, turns the lobbyists who hope to avoid regulation into the department heads OF THOSE AGENCIES, is not your friend. They are actively hoping you will become collateral damage in a war you aren’t even aware you are participating in.

Not making this up, folks.

“In less than three years, President Donald Trump has named more former lobbyists to Cabinet-level posts than his most recent predecessors did in eight, putting a substantial amount of oversight in the hands of people with ties to the industries they’re regulating.

“The Cabinet choices are another sign that Trump’s populist pledge to “drain the swamp” is a catchy campaign slogan but not a serious attempt to change the way Washington works. Instead of staring down “the unholy alliance of lobbyists and donors and special interests” as Trump recently declared, the influence industry has flourished during his administration.”

Is your water safe to drink? Maybe. Is there a lobbyist in control of how it’s managed? Have you had it checked by an independent lab lately? I am not even going to cover water right now. Just take my word for it. Your water is probably not nearly as safe as you like to think. For 70 million Americans, the answer is absolutely not.

“For 85% of the US population yes. However, according to a recent report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) 15% or more than 70 million people may be affected by health-based contamination, including THMs, HHAs, lead, copper, arsenic and other contaminants.”

Is that lettuce leaf you’re eating covered in salmonella or e. coli? Maybe. There were, after all seven lettuce recalls in the months between November and December of last year. Seven, as documented by that one last guy working at the FDA… A two month window. Here is a list of the fifty major food recalls from last year.

Now ask yourself. Do you feel safe?

Thaddeus Howze is the Cognitive Dissident.

Author | Editor | Futurist | Activist | |

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