And I clarified it right in the essay it isn’t every white man, but if someone wants to miss the message they will.

It is easiest to assume I am just someone who isn’t aware of what I am talking about because I’m NOT white.

But it doesn’t invalidate a single word I have said having put in thirty years and at least as many companies whose reprehensible behavior remained pretty much the same across those years.

Adding insult to injury, many of the people I have spoken to said their industry was filled with men just like the ones I described. So if white men don’t want the reputation, they better step up.

Otherwise I am comfortable painting them with the same brush that allows them to shoot into parked cars because music is too loud, or rolling up on Black children and shooting them in less than two seconds, or shooting Black men who are wandering in Walmart on the phone buying a gun in an open-carry state, or the same white men who have no problem saying “Fuck your breath,” while Black men die.

Yes, everyone is worried about generalizations when it comes to White men, — you don’t want to paint them with too general a brush — while Black men are imprisoned, killed, murdered using the very same concept of generalization.

I’ll keep it in mind.

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