As the wage gap worsens, corporations continue to deny its existence

While using lobbying and human resources to continue holding up corporate executive pay and shareholder payouts

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While we’re at it:

  • Let’s go ahead and have those same overworked and demoralized staff members putting in longer hours,
  • With less vacation than anywhere else in the world,
  • So fearful of even taking a sick day because they have been made to feel more expendable than the furniture they are sitting on,
  • while at the same time, sending in college graduates who have no training in management or leadership to micromanage and further de-incentivize this dispirited and downtrodden rabble,
  • creating the most stressful workplace since the creation of OSHA.
  • This, of course, assumes they can get a full time job in the first place.

The Cult of Work

Unfortunately, when the workforce isn’t being exploited outright, as we have talked about thus far, the other extreme is just as jarring. The modern workspace has become more of a cult mentality than the workspaces of yore.

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