Carry Trump to Victory? Not on a Bet!

“Unemployment will fall, the economy will grow, the vaccines approved and law restored.”

I understand it is always a good thing to have dreams about the future which can help you prepare yourself for new opportunities. Dreaming and imagination is where we do the work of considering the future.

“Unemployment will fall, the economy will grow, the vaccines approved and law restored.”

Unemployment will fall, the economy will grow…:

This is highly unlikely. Even given the derangement known to the Republican party where unemployment was concerned, under the Trump administration, the measure of who was unemployed was one of those less effectively tracked conditions.

Vaccines approved…:

I would like to be hopeful and say without a shadow of a doubt we will be on track to create a vaccine for the coronavirus and be able to return to our predatory capitalistic, planet-destroying, corporate-rapine, extreme-consumerism in short order. Alas, even with tens of thousands of scientists and hundreds of pharmaceutical companies working day and night, we will still have quite a wait ahead of us. A wait which will not come in time to save Donald Trump.

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…and law restored…

On the subject of law, professor, I have to ask, which laws did you think would be restored because of a Trump presidency? Which laws do you think he is going to be following or restoring should we be UNFORTUNATE enough to somehow re-elect him to the highest office in the land?

  • Breonna Taylor: March 13, 2020Killed in the no-knock raid on her apartment which resulted in her being shot in her own home, unarmed, and allowed to bleed out without being offered assistance. One policeman involved has been fired, the other two were placed on administrative leave. To make matters worse, she was killed by a task force whose target had already been arrested a day earlier — an unconscionable series of events. These officers are still not under arrest. They have, however, been sued for wrongful death and excessive force.
  • Ahmaud Marquez Arbery: February 23, 2020 Was fatally shot in Brunswick, Georgia while jogging on Holmes Road. His attackers were three white residents, Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan. The Glynn County Police Department and the Brunswick District Attorney’s office delayed for over 70 before any arrests were officially made into Arbery’s death. A viral video sparked debates on racial profiling in the United States.
  • Elijah Jovan McClain: August 24, 2019 — was a 23-year-old African-American massage therapist from Aurora, Colorado who died following an encounter with the police while walking home. Having committed no crime other than walking home from the store, he was accosted, subdued, held in an illegal carotid choke-hold while paramedics administered ketamine to him. While being transported to the hospital, McClain went into cardiac arrest. He was declared brain dead three days later and taken off life support in August 30, 2019. The officers were placed on paid administrative leave and no charges were filed against them. The case would come under critical review was not investigated by an outside agency until almost a year later.
  • Atatiana Koquice Jefferson: October 12, 2019 — Was killed in her home by a police officer who was supposed to be engaged in a wellness check on Ms. Jefferson. Instead when she came to the window to investigate who was outside her home, she was shot and killed by Officer Aaron Dean.
  • Stephon Clark: March 18, 2018 — Was hit by seven rounds in Sacramento California by the police investigating a break in. Clark was standing in his grandmother’s back yard and was accused of holding a gun, shooting at him more than twenty times. The officers were able to avoid responsibility by utilizing their special escape phrase: “We feared for our lives, believing the suspect was armed.” No handgun was found at the scene. The release of a video sparked major protests in the city. No officers were brought to justice for this death. The city of Sacramento settled a lawsuit with the family.

Speaking of said protests…

As movements go, this protest led by the Black Lives Matter movement which is promoting the idea of reducing the capacity of police departments for extreme responses to the calls they receive. The organization is hoping for both more oversight of police agencies and accountability for the behavior and actions of their officers. More importantly, they hope for the establishment of social service programs in communities instead of a militarized police response.

  • Trump legendary efforts in doing whatever was necessary to see PPE was available to the doctors providing care and later for citizens once it was revealed how beneficial masks were to the community to prevent the spread.
  • How he lead the world in a clear-cut, scientifically-informed decision-making process which ensured America’s response to the pandemic was focused, organized and lead by the best scientific data possible.
  • Trumps early mobilization of testing resources and being involved in providing the CDC and the WHO with whatever they needed kept the virus to a minimum in the United States, a marvel of the modern world in response to this pernicious disease.
  • Trump’s empathetic support of the American citizens engaged in these protests; his focus on healing the rifts between Blacks and whites in America. His calming words gave protesters a reason to believe the government was hearing their words in every city in the nation.
  • How Trump worked with state governors to ease the tensions between the local police and the citizens with supportive speeches and funding for national programs to retrain officers with greater emphasis toward de-escalation during police actions, offering to remove militarized hardware from police departments.

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