Coding for What?

In the last five years, a preponderance of new coding programs are showing up all over the nation. While what they are attempting to do is a good thing for society as a whole, I wonder why we are moving away from teaching critical educational resources rather than limited and specific skillsets?

I asked this very question a year ago when I noticed the proliferation of educational facilities and funding to teach every Human, cat, dog and bird how to program computers, without ever addressing the fact we haven’t even got the educational process to function properly and now we want to assume EVERYONE NEEDS to know how to program.

I contend if we were better at teaching them to THINK, critically, with an emphasis on separating real information from the bullshit being passed off as information in the media, maybe our society wouldn’t have half the problems it appears to.

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With this failed emphasis on STEM and a lack of attention being paid to humanities, arts, creativity and ethics, we have a society of sociopaths who can leverage technology to alter societies at the fundamental levels but lack the personal awareness to understand why they should exercise some ethical restraint when they are utilizing their incredible powers without concern for anyone but themselves.

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“The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.”

— E.O. Wilson

Tweets originally published on Storify: Coding for What?, Thaddeus Howze, 2014

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