Describing the Elephant in the Room

It’s your turn. You’re this guy — what does it look like to you?

Thaddeus Howze
15 min readJun 11, 2018


Gross and still appropriate:

There is this great parable of six blind men and an elephant. It says that each man, touching only a piece of the elephant saw his part as something completely different. One assumed an elephant was like a spear, another like a tree trunk, another like a wall, one like a rope, touching the ear made it a fan, and so on.

But there was a seventh blind man who isn’t talked about. He was the one who was forced to reach into its ass because someone has to do it. But the one whose head was in its ass, no one ever asks him what he thought. Maybe they couldn’t hear him or maybe they just assumed he wouldn’t be able to give any better accounting than the rest of them.

Bear with me. I am beginning to feel like that poor fellow whose head is in the ass of the elephant and no one feels compelled to ask me of my experience because, frankly, I’m covered in elephant shit and my perspective may be a bits skewed, given this.

But I might also be the only person who recognizes there is more going on here than just a lack of vision, this may be an issue where perspective, position and a lack of status, may give a more honest point of view than people who have to worry about a paycheck or offending a sponsor.

With that said:

I will admit it has been a few weeks since I have spoken with you my patient audience. I have been unable to wrap my mind around the world as I see it taking shape and being the media consumer I am, I wanted to absorb the wealth of information being presented, with the understanding that, in the end, both sides, the Left and the Right, the Democratic and Conservative, the uninformed and the unenlightened, would make their case for the state of the nation and Americans would take sides.

I am sick of it. Because from where I sit, no one should be crowing about their success in any way, shape or form. When pedophiles and would-be rapists run for office without shame, when political parties fail to represent any of their constituents who put them in office, when lobbying organizations, support economic ideals which benefit .01%…