Dim Sum Disasters (pick your favorite two)

I’m not sure which apocalypse will overtake the U.S. first.

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Will it be:

Rising costs as fruits and vegetables rise in price due to a labor shortage. This means food costs rise across the board no matter where you buy food. Costs of processed foods will rise as well since the raw materials are going bad in the fields. Without labor, these costs will continue to rise and could lead to shortages in the near future.

Increasing pandemics as fears around vaccinations allow diseases thought almost extinct begin to spread again at lighting speed with 90% communicability rates. With the potential loss of affordable healthcare, this makes the nation more likely to become a hotbed of diseases not seen since the turn of the 20th century.

Adding insult to injury, antibiotic resistance makes once mundane and curable diseases more of a threat than they have ever been in the past, returning us to a world where a serious scratch or injury could equal death no matter how much money or healthcare you can afford. Nothing equalizes us all like incurable disease.

Rising racial tensions as our president makes the same mistakes made with the Chinese in the 1880s, with the Japanese in the 1940s and now with the Muslims in 2017. None of those previous bans were able to prevent the inclusion of the aforementioned groups from becoming part of America in the end.

The most insidious disaster is the leadership of this nation which has decided to kowtow to economic forces which will impoverish and further disenfranchise the poorest members of society. This means more people are having less work, less opportunity, less freedom and upward mobility.

NEGRODAMUS predicts:

With the impending loss of healthcare the leadership of the Republican party seems poised to send a clear message to the nation.

Die. And be Quick about it. Make sure you vote for us in the next election so we can continue robbing you blind, tax cutting for the rich and ensuring you have no future you can speak of except where we allow it.

You will go to war when we say, for what we say, because we say it. We will stay home, grow rich, fat and happy while you die in our perpetual wars feeding our defense contractors and spreading the American brand, such as it is, around the world getting further ahead of us every day as they understand the secret of success in the 21st century.


It would seem those nations most inclined to work from an exploitative engine, the UK and the US have been unable to move beyond those models, unwilling to acknowledge it was their imperialistic and expansionist work which would ultimately lead to their nations being more diverse due to their economic tentacles being spread around the world.

Now those same nations want to deny the people who helped to make them rich, the very bounty their ancestors died to ensure those nations would have.

American has not noticed it yet, but there will come a day, very soon, when not only will the most talented and highly educated members of our planetary community will no longer come to the United States but will head to China or Africa or South America BEFORE choosing the United States because it is coming to resembling the mess that is now Russia. A nation lead by a demagogue, backed by a fascist police state, and controlled by a religious plutocratic oligarchy bent on denying the freedoms which once made that nation a superpower.

I would suggest anyone under the age of 35 to consider the reality that the US and the UK are trapped psychologically in the 20th century and will offer you far less opportunity than other nations which are more aware of what intellectually capable individuals can bring to the world.

Not for the first time in the history of the United States has America not been the most ideal place in the world to live, rhetoric notwithstanding.

I would like to think I am wrong, but the facts are already bearing my idea out. Good luck wherever you end up. The Exodus of the formerly free and democratic United States has begun.

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