Edward Blum’s New Crusade

Is nothing more than a modern form of economic terrorism

Thaddeus Howze


Edward Blum would have you believe there is nothing wrong with his recent crusade against affirmative action. He believes you cannot fight centuries of discrimination with more discrimination. On the strength of that statement alone, I might be willing to be onboard with the IDEAL being presented. But the reality of his statement does not pass muster.


“I am wondering if you believe in systemic racism — racism embedded in the institutions of American life. Because if you look at statistics in this country, a typical white family holds 10 times the wealth that a typical Black family does. There are currently only eight Black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, 20 Latino CEOs. Black people live sicker lives and they die younger than white people. I could go on.”

“No, I do not believe in it. What your question implies is that in the American DNA there is racism. It was founded upon racism. It is part of what this country is. I reject that.”

I contend with Mr. Blum’s statement with these simple truths:

  • The systemic racism Edward Blum denies, is the foundation of American culture, beginning with the destruction of Native Peoples.
  • The systematic efforts to disenfranchise, imprison, erase, isolate and murder the Native Peoples is among the fundamental and defining actions of this nation’s founding.
  • Since 1441, Europeans were invested in the destruction of the Native Peoples, importing enslaved Africans, and engaging in colonialism around the world long before 1619.
  • The atrocities of enslavement being perfected in colonial Virginia in 1619, had begun in Mexico, Central America, Peru, the Caribbean and Brazil and other places worldwide.
  • The Virginia Slave Codes of 1705 (formally entitled An act concerning Servants and Slaves), were a series of laws enacted by the Colony of