Enough hope-huckstering and life hacks already.

Place your faith in the Path of the Cat; the one true way.

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I am Felis Silvestris Sinister.

Until recently I tended to stay out of the politics of Medium.

Discussions about:

  • The Twenty Best Writers Out of Thousands I Can Never See Because the Medium Algorithm Keeps Sending Me the Same Twelve People.
  • The Meaning of Life and How Your Enthusiasm Pursuing It Ensures How Great Your Life Will End Up Being. Or Not.
  • The 20 Listicles You Need to Read to Acquire Mental Powers to Dominate Your Coworkers and Take Control of the World Around You

…bore me. (Except that last one… mind control could be terribly useful.)

Listening to you Humans frittering your lives away trying to figure out how to navigate an increasing complicated world:

  • A world filled with treachery, men who have no problem absconding with the world’s wealth, poisoning the world, the air, the water, the very Earth itself screams out.
  • Where sixty-two men will control the economic might of the entire world and hold more wealth than the poorer half of the Human Race.
  • You attempt to hold entropy at bay beset by evils both great and small, most often perils of your own making: smoking, drinking, drugging to excess, making war on your fellows and the like.
  • You Humans appear to have an innate inability to acknowledge the failings of your cultures and willfully choosing ignorance over lifelong learning. (See: Abstinence GOP leader’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant…)
  • Rather than embracing change, you spend your entire existence trying to make everything around you change while you remain childishly immature within.
  • Most of you will have lives of meaningless and unceasing toil, shuffling piles of paper from one desk to another, never quite certain anything you are doing matters (because it doesn’t).
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Your struggle amuses me.

But it is not enough the writers of Medium toil daily to create stories for readers to be transported to worlds beyond their imagination. Writers who are secretly trying to bring to you knowledge through the experiences of their characters.

You instead want to read articles about trying to shortcut the paths to success, to bypass the suffering, skip over the rough patches and somehow outfox the trials and tribulations of life.

What the hope-tinkerers and life-hackers forget to tell you is these things are necessary for GROWTH.

And this is why you fail. And fail. And fail.

Until you stop trying to shortcut the system.

The system says:

  • You learn by doing; you can hear someone teach you something, read something in a book, and it can give you a leg up if you recognize the circumstance you read about and realize it in time enough to apply that knowledge. Otherwise you blunder along and do the best you can through successive experiences. Each failure makes you a bit smarter, a bit better and more focused on improving your performance.
  • You experiment; whatever you have to do, you learn by DOING. Experimentation and practice is how you improve any skill worth having. You cannot short circuit millions of years of evolution.
  • You put something at risk: Trial by fire. Your bodies are designed to learn by experience. Your brains secrete chemicals designed to improve your memories whenever you believe you are imperiled. You become the best you that you can be, smarter, stronger, and faster. Your chances of survival increase because of your interaction with these enhanced mental states.
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All this talk of life hacking is nonsense. You don’t hack life, you LIVE it.

Most of the people offering you advice on how to improve your life never reveal the secret indicia on the information they are hoping you use as a gateway drug to buying more of their products.

That indicia says this: No one’s life is exactly like any other person’s. Each has unique temperaments, talents, skills, and psychologies; each with unique opportunities and struggles.

Indeed, the only truism that any Human can give to any other Human is:

Change is the only constant we share in life. If I can be of service to you by sharing my experience, I will do that willingly. I cannot guarantee anything you hear from me to offer you much more than a tale to sit by the fire and share, understanding your path may be far different than mine.

If you are sitting around waiting for someone else’s wisdom to make you wise, you will be sitting around wondering why your life isn’t taking off.

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted. Wisdom is the learning gather from repeated experiences.

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Like this water buffalo reminds this lioness. Be focused, but not too focused.

The Path of the Cat

Stop letting other people guide your path. Submit your will to Me and I will set you free upon the Path of the Cat.

The Path of the Cat has existed for millennia. It has made the housecat the dominant predator on Earth with over three thousand different prey animals capable of being eaten. Cats exist in almost any biome Humans can.

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The Path says:

  • Eat healthy — if its slower than you, it’s food. If it’s faster, chase it anyway, the exercise will keep you limber. Eat live food. The more recently alive, the better. Junk food is nice, but it isn’t food and its effects on your body are obvious. Soon the only food you will be able to catch is junk food.
  • Get your rest — stress kills. There is no reason for you to not get enough sleep. If you have a boss that tells you that you need to work more than eight hours, you need to remind him, sleep is where the action is.
  • A better rested employee is the most effective worker he can have. Let him know you will outperform those sleep-deprived zombies over there high-fiving each other by the water cooler, pretending to be effective at doing nothing but brown-nosing.
  • Leave work at work: When you are chasing mice, you are intensely chasing mice. It is what you do. You hone your skills, you maintain your training, you find new ways of catching mice in Mice Quarterly. Once you are done, walk away from work. Mice could dance around you, in polite ballet circles and you will ignore them.
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  • Decompression from work makes you more creative, more interactive, and more likely to make correct decisions. It helps you recover from decision-fatigue, a state where you have lost the ability to make good decisions based on having to make far too many choices in the course of a day. A day without phones, mice, cat toys revives the mind and the spirit of even the most predatory among us.
  • Love your family, whoever they may be. We do not work to make work better. We work to make our lives better. Your family is the most important element of your existence, they are the people who will feed you, groom you, take care of your every need, carry you when you can’t get there on your own, and when it’s time to euthanize you in a facility when you are very old, they will be there for you.
  • Live intensely, explode on the scene, surprise your prey and your foes. Bristle only when necessary. Threaten bastards, know your place. Live as boldly as your life allows. And when it doesn’t allow you, bare your claws and remind it who’s boss.
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Life hacks? Engage life, claws extended, prepared to win, capable of losing while biting off the ear of your opponent to remind him who he was fucking with.

If you live the Path of the Cat, people will learn to get the hell out of your way. Then they can get back to life hacking and hope huckstering while you are busy kicking life in the ass.

I will return to share new wisdom with you whenever a huckster of hope or life-hacking listicle shows itself here. Those writers are filled with their own self importance, certain their way is the one.

They are incorrect. The only way to Life is through Me. There is only the life and death struggle until you lose and die. Deal with it.


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Author | Editor | Futurist | Activist | http://bit.ly/thowzebio | http://bit.ly/thpatreon

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