Facebook Moderation Doesn’t Exist

The Algorithm restricts my rights to free speech whenever I mention the Republican Party.

Thaddeus Howze
4 min readApr 20, 2022
Found on a toilet where a Black friend works.

This particular quote is attributed to Candace Owens, presumably at PragerU. I refuse to go there and give them the clicks to make them think I care about how well they disguise their racism as modern talking points.

This Evening I was restricted AGAIN on Facebook.

My response to the above post, which resulted in sixty days of lockdown on Facebook, an inability to advertise and no live feeds was due to this response to the above image and presumably to Candace Owens went like this:

“And to enjoy in some of that upward mobility, you simply have to return to the 1850s, being subservient to people who don’t respect you, refuse to acknowledge you in their polite company, people who admittedly will tell you that you are one of the ‘good ones’ when you aren’t on your knees catering to the basest of their needs. I am certain they have told you how pretty and eloquent you are, Candace. ‘You speak so well’ has surely been said in your presence. What they don’t tell you is: every day you speak for them, you sow doubt, fear, hatred and loathing in yourself and anyone who questions the status quo in America, meaning weak-minded folk like yourself.”

“Because anyone who is awake and paying attention knows which side of the bread is buttered and that they aren’t getting any toast at all if the dominant subculture can help it. They hate you so much, they will starve to death in states like Kentucky, they will refuse healthcare, avoid dental work, stumble around blind until diabetes destroys their extremities and then thank Mitch McConnell for keep them Black folks from getting healthcare in Kentucky. They hate you enough to die in debt, without teeth, without limbs as long as you will, too. That is dedication. That is professional-level hate you are abetting, Candace.”

“Should you die while you carry water for the white supremacists who you worship, know they will ignore your sacrifice of decades of service, even if you die on the battlefield FOR THEM.”

“Ask Herman Cain’s family where his Congressional Medal of Honor after thirty years of service went. Oh wait, to Rush Limbaugh, literally a form of life so low, he has been dead for a year and I have had no reason to mention his name until this conversation about why slavishly swallowing the semen of the dominant party has not truly offered you any upward mobility nor the respect of the party you love, and only the condemnation of the entirety of your subgroup who likens you to the very lowest form of life, right below Republicans in the scheme of things. They rewarded a man who spent his life hating everything you are, a woman, a black professional, a somewhat educated individual, a representative of the Republican party and in his mind the absolute lowest form of life.”

“Yes, go ahead and carry water for the dominant subculture. They expect someone to do it and if you can hold yourself in contempt, write words you know you don’t believe, lie down with dogs and get up happily with fleas, then the Republican Party is for you. All you have to do is pretend you don’t have any dignity or self-respect and you can be a card-carrying, self-hating, Black American serving a party whose members wouldn’t piss to put you out if you were on fire.”

“No, I didn’t say the Democratic Party is significantly better. But they won’t shove a dehydrated corn cob, whose missing kernels are as sharp as glass, up my ass and tell me its good for me and good for America.”

“If anyone is being victimized, Candace, it’s you. It’s sad to watch. Good thing I don’t have to. Jeopardy’s on.”

Facebook accused me of engaging in commentary which recommended human trafficking, enslavement or bondage which exceeds the standards in their EULA.

I await your commentary about how unfair I was and how I promoted “human trafficking.”