Find Out if Diversity™ Might Be for You

In light of the pending release of Captain Marvel, we recommend a new medical treatment for toxic comic fans

Thaddeus Howze


Hey you. Whiny toxic nerd screaming about the loss of opportunity for white men in movies even when 80% of all movies in the US feature white men, even movies about characters of other races… (See: Green Book)

Or screaming about the replacement of white superheroes in comics; the white heroes you are complaining about being temporarily amended, because no one is getting rid of Thor or Iron Man or Captain America in the comics.

Jane Foster as Thor. She made being Thor look easy. Take a load off, Odinson. Lady Jane has got this covered.

Yeah, those hoary characters sit down for a few years and then writers want to write the original characters again and Captain America: Sam Wilson (also known as American Falcon) gets a costume change and goes back to his original moniker enlightened as to the challenges of being an American icon. Whatever.

In the movies, that’s different, those guys want a life again. Could you imagine people conflating you as Captain America for the rest of your life?