Freeing People Since the Revolutionary War

America’s military policy hides a multitude of economic sins

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America’s Imperialist Policies: “Freeing” People Since the Revolutionary War

Or so they would have you believe. When I saw this graphic, I realized much of what has bothered me about the United States military is the very existence of that military and how it has been used since the forming of this nation. The military is the ultimate expression of “cognitive dissonance” and freedom.

  • How free are we if we are free to starve in the streets, while millionaires look on at the starving masses from their helicopters?
  • How free are we when we look down at the chicken we just bought from the market and have to wonder: “Is it safe to eat?”
  • How free are we when our students leave school with more debt and less to show for it than any generation in 100 years.

The need for the military and its purchases certainly appears to be more important than:

  • schools — we don’t seem to value education anymore; no money? No education. We don’t plan on you making any decisions anyway so who cares if you learn anything?
  • bridges — we haven’t had enough collapse to make anyone care, yet. With over 2,000 in a dangerous state of repair, its just a waitin’ game.
  • roads — we are turning them back to gravel. FDR would be so proud.
  • updating our electricity infrastructure — parts of the nation spend more time in the dark than the Amish
  • water — no one is mentioning this number one hard to come by resource, nationwide
  • waste management — take it to the landfill, no plan after that
  • research and development — we don’t do that here, anymore
  • manufacturing — precious little of this either
  • plumbing and city-wide sewer and sanitation for every major metropolis in the US.

Did I miss anything important?

  • industrialized food production — or how to create foods that will eventually kill us
  • genetically modified foods — no useful or specific testing before human use
  • dying bee populations likely due to pesticide overuse
  • antibiotic resistant disease management — welcome back to the age of dying-from-a-scratch. Penicillin we hardly knew ye…
  • overpopulation — no need to stop now, we can break 10 billion by 2040.
  • climate change — yes, I know, its a myth, like Creation, right?
  • fracking and its poisoned waste water — we don’t need fresh water; fracking scientists assure me, flammable water IS still drinkable.
  • oil production, oil sand extraction — moonscape anyone?
  • lack of transition to non-oil based technologies — solar panels? We don’t need no stinking solar panels, or wind farms or biogas facilities. Peak oil is a myth too.
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There is No Tomorrow— A cheery film talking about why we need to start changing how we do things around here. Or else.

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