Great Value in Apparently Simple Effort

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Ancient artists are venerated while modern ones languish in poverty and obscurity. To be fair, many ancient artists suffered a similar fate. In modern society, the value of art is often misconstrued with the time it takes to create it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. While everyone has a degree of artistic talent, few take the time to learn how to fan the flames and harness it for creative endeavor.

Endeavor beyond the layman, to master skills which make feats of great effort appear effortless to those watching; belying the skill required, the patience necessary, the sacrifice of time spent doing more enjoyable things to make art appear, as magick.

Value both the art and the artist for you cannot have one without the continued struggling efforts of the other. Reward the artist not for what he has done for you in minutes, but what he has spent in years for the ability to do so.

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