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I have been a world traveling, award winning, military veteran with an honorable discharge; I held a Secret-level security clearance.

Twenty-five years working in corporate media and educational information technology; An award-winning technology executive — CIO (chief information officer).

Taught college-level computer science for five years, taught and mentored urban youth for over twenty years.

Writer of over 200 speculative fiction short stories in a three year period. Published a collection of short stories and a novella. Appeared in sixteen speculative fiction anthologies since 2010.

Also wrote numerous science, technology, and political commentary articles since 2009 for various publications nationwide.

I have no criminal record. I have friends all over the planet.

As to drawing swords, I will use whatever weapon is necessary to resolve the threat set before me.

I am a Black man in America. I have few options left to me.

I learned to fight from living hard in New York City in the seventies. I joined the military to learn to fight smart. I have read and learned the strategies of the world’s greatest minds.

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