Illusions and Chaos

Our natural urge to see patterns blinds us to a greater truth.

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Apophenia: is the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data.

There is a proven scientific process behind the fact most humans will see patterns in things which have little meaning such as the face of Jesus on a slice of toast or paranormalists hearing dead people speaking to them through a radio receiver.

One upon a time, this pattern recognition ability might have meant the difference between life and death. The rustle of the wind through the tall grass could be just the wind, or it could be a dangerous predator waiting to dine on your ancestor.

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Can you see the lion?

While the lion-sensing aspect is much less in use today, such pattern-recognition awareness served your ancestors well.

Those proto-humans who didn’t maybe overreact or see something that wasn’t there in a timely fashion became the next meal featured on Fine Lion Dining magazine.

This particular gift is now responsible for so many good and bad aspects of our human society, I believe it might be overstaying its welcome. We have forgotten the bigger pattern in the Universe at large, our battle with Entropy and creating lasting, positive change.

Here’s why:

The greatest illusion of the Human experience is our believe in the concept of a purposeful existence.

We believe in the patterns we see in our lives and thus believe ourselves masters of our fate, when the truth is far more prosaic.

We exist. We flail around for seven to ten decades, mindlessly attempting to bring order to a chaotic Universe which is our lives.

Then we die.

Our only chance at a lasting legacy is to change the people around us for the better. To share with them our greatest ambitions, to create within the Universe an iterative, recursive, harmonic which vibrates with our beliefs, our dreams, our hopes for the future.

Not that they mean much unless someone cares enough to carry them forth. It isn’t about money folks. It’s about the dream. A change to the fundamental fabric of the Human experience.

Bill Gates has no more chance at this experience than you do. It’s not your money, it’s your dream, your unique perspective on a turbulent reality.

Change it or don’t. It doesn’t matter to the Universe.

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A comic promoting a nihilistic view of the Universe. In his way, he is essentially correct. Or maybe he’s evil and wants to justify his behavior by saying nothing matters. Supervillains.

The only lasting change and investment we can make is in each other. Love one another, help one another, believe in one another.

Our reality is impossibly large. Most of us cannot conceive of its immensity.

Our influence upon it incredibly tiny. Only together do we have any chance to further the ambitions of our species. To travel to the stars and to order ourselves in a way, we resonate with the energy of the Universe. Everything else is a futile attempt at false immortality.

We rise as a nation, a world, a species, a collection of species bound in our genome. Or not at all.

No one need feel alone. Our brotherhood is all around us. In the trees, the seas, the very air we breathe, our collection of cells who shape and guide our perceptions of all that is real.

We are never alone.

Bask in this ideal. We are only as separate as we choose to be. Find someone. Share something. Realize your individual wonder and collective majesty.

In all of the vastness of space, we know of only one place we will ever be home.

Embrace it. Love it. Share it. Revel in it!

Create something uniquely yours.

Make it last.

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Despite what this butterfly is scheming, the Butterfly Effect is considered part of Chaos Theory and may or may not include the power of butterflies to create tornadoes.
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Thaddeus Howze is a writer, essayist, author and professional storyteller for mysterious beings who exist in non-Euclidean realms beyond our understanding. You can follow him on Twitter or support his writings on Patreon.

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