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Meanwhile on a rose-colored Earth, Whites suffer unspeakable cruelties…

Meanwhile on a Parallel Earth…

Let me quote you while I crush your perspective— FSS

“You know I truly have a lot of respect for you as a writer…”

Anytime you start a conversations with a clause like this one, you are most certainly indicating a lack of respect for the person you are about to share your wisdom with.

…and though I do not agree with all of your views, but you seem to be very observant and that makes your works interesting.

Actually, after reading your response you don’t agree with ANYTHING said in the aforementioned article. Your response is exactly the opposite of the letter you are responding to; it’s not insightful, not significant, and offering almost nothing to the conversation.

But I must say that this particular article is quite blind.

There may be some blindness here but her article wouldn’t be the place to start looking.

Her article is heated and passionate but very insightful. It is written from the perspective of someone living a life you reveal you know nothing about. But do go on…

I do believe at one time that the belief of white superiority was very major for a long time.

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Yes, pretty much from the death of the first Native Americans who died when they refused to give ground to White settlers in the early days of the United States. This would occur constantly from the trade of Manhattan for beads and trinkets to the Louisiana Purchase to the ultimate resettlement of the Natives on reservations, culminating at the Trail of Tears.

And let’s just not even mention the two hundred and forty years of chattel slavery, some of the worst behavior exhibited by a slaving culture in the history of the world. Or peonage, or Jim Crow, or the Prison Industrial Complex, just to name a few of the Slavery Replacement Programs which occurred after slavery was reluctantly abolished. Let see if you can redeem yourself?

I also believe it is completely wrong. “All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

Good. You have heard of the Constitution, at least. You may be moving up in my eyes…

This however, is not a major problem anymore.

Nope. Epic fail. I had hope. Dashed upon the rocks of Unreason.

It’s just not.

Doubling down on a stupid statement. Yes, let’s just skip over the public niceties and call it what it was: A stupid statement. One that gets made by lots of people, particularly the Fox News set, but that won’t make the statement any better or any more true. Sigh, I guess I should let you finish digging this hole…

Racism does still exist, yes, but it is not a major problem and I would be surprised if it is even a common problem.

You live in a parallel world. Why didn’t you say so? Where you live racism has been extinguished. People live in harmony. On your world, prisons don’t have disproportionate numbers of minority prisoners, in comparison to their statistical populations. Black men make up 6 percent of your United States, population and six percent of the prison population as well. A proportionate number, unlike say THIS world where Black men make up 6% of the population but 50% of the number of men who are in prison in this country.

Your world doesn’t have White men getting away with rape and other assorted crimes because they are White, while Black men can find themselves innocent of any wrongdoing and imprisoned for years or even decades of their lives, their freedom dependent on a tiny group of citizens devoted to justice. Please share more about your world’s rose-colored condition where Whites suffer so stringently.

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Brock Turner got six months for a rape he DID commit. Brian Banks went to jail for 6 years for a rape he didn’t commit. Don’t take my word for it: Read it yourself…

Brian Banks on Brock Turner’s Rape Sentence: ‘It’s a Case Of Privilege’

But please go on and let us hear more about your perspective…

I would even dare to say that the racism is reversed. Most of the things you mentioned, are currently the other way around.

Did you just say: reversed racism? Did you just imply it is White people who suffer under the oppression and derogatory treatment of Black and other minorities in America?

Wow. I never would have guessed you’d go there.

Oh wait, we’re on your world. White people are losing opportunity thanks to systemic systems of injustice AGAINST Whites instead of Blacks?

You mean there are poor Whites who are overlooked when we study the completely Black corporate management teams and boards of directors in major corporations who make sure Whites stay broke and impoverished with the worst education in the world, a complete lack of health care and totally bereft of any potential to improve their lot in life?

Got it.

Well on THIS Earth, things are not nearly as dire for Whites.

In fact, I am going to leave an article here for you to review which paints out why the term “reverse racism” is one of those loaded expressions that makes people want to slap the person ridiculous enough to say it out loud.

Say Reverse Racism, One More Motherfucking Time, I Dare You!

You have been warned to never use this phrase in any conversation with intelligent people who have not forgotten the true building blocks of this questionably great nation. Now go ahead and close your argument…

The anger from (some, certainly not all)African-American people, whether justified or not, is very common and is becoming greater and number every time someone turns on any form of media. Black Lives Matter is the most current and most well-known example. There is also the Black Caucus, NAACP, all of the scholarships specific for AA people, the continuation of support for the Black Panthers, the list goes on.


Now I doubt I will change your view on this and that is perfectly fine. You have a right to your views.

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There is always one person who is clueless…

Well thank you very much. Black people feel so grateful for being allowed to have an opinion, even if it disagrees with yours. Can I get fries with that?

While there are many agencies trying to address the socialized and inherent difficulties in place due to the pernicious and ubiquitously systemic racism of American society, they are an eyedropper trying to empty an ocean of acculturated racism endemic to this society.

A racism so pervasive it is invisible to people, so much a part of their world, they simply cannot see even the simplest aspects of this upon their own writing, their ability to say completely meaningless things, thoughtless things, even cruel things and expect them to be taken seriously as if they deserved to be acknowledged as a font of wisdom. Why don’t you just go ahead and bring this train wreck in for a landing…

But I think they are wrong and might cause unneeded happiness.

You think those agencies are wrong and might be causing unneeded happiness. The only thing your closing sentence assures me of, is you don’t have an editor. Unneeded happiness for whom? People suffering from the invisible racism you don’t believe exists except when it inflicts “reverse racism” on undeserving Whites?

Why don’t you do everyone a favor and don’t share your opinions on racism, reverse racism, or any other form of cultural (in)justice. You aren’t cogent enough for anyone to follow and your intent is, at best, unclear.

Perhaps if you want to challenge a writer of Ezinne Ukoha’s caliber, you take some time and consider just letting her have her say and you admire her ability to say it so well. Like she does in this other article on racism and the benefits of white hegemony in America. This sister is fierce…

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Signed — someone who wants to help you see reason but is confident such a thing is simply not part of your lifestyle choice.

Felis Silvestra Sinister, Esq.

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Author | Editor | Futurist | Activist | |

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