Negrodamus Speaks: “More advice on how to talk to the white working class without insulting them.”

The Original Underclass? Here is some real talk for them instead.

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“Last hired, first fired.”

To translate that for those of you who are not minorities, it means:

  • After they hire every white friend they have,
  • After they go through every cousin of every white friend they have,
  • After they hire every white person they have run into on the street and haven’t seen in years
  • After they hire every white person who might be related to someone on their staff who hasn’t worked in years but would make a great manager for this company despite the fact he doesn’t have any experience at the job…

Just stop.

Why exactly should I be making allowances to placate people who helped plunge the nation into darkness by handing it into the “yuge” and corrupt hands of the racist, pussy-grabber, boaster-of his-mental-greatness, placer-of-my-name-on-everything-in-sight, while debasing the previous and far more qualified president, in-chief because they felt they were being ignored?

Coal? What are you talking about?

Let me be clear:

If the best our nation can do is sit around and watch the robber barons of the 21st century coddle the impoverished white citizens they helped to keep poor by sending their companies overseas, then you know what, you get the government and the society you deserve.

  • You get the country you deserve where there is one gun per citizen and one cop for every 10,000 citizens.
  • You get the country you deserve when your water has lead and other toxins because you want to frack until you reach the water table.
  • You get the country you deserve when your kids are too stupid to make good decisions because you forgot to fund the educational process equally across the nation.
  • You get the nation you deserve when entertainment becomes the only thing your citizens are good for because they lack the attention span for more rigorous thinking.
  • You get the nation you deserve when you have guns and tanks and bombs but no food for the people who you’re supposed to be protecting.
  • You get the nation you deserve when the people who are running your government are millionaires beholden to richer millionaires adjusting laws through lobbyists to make themselves even richer billionaires.
  • You get the nation you deserve when your Congressmen make $608 dollars an hour but resist providing a living wage for the rest of a nation of stagnating wages and increasing prices.

In case I wasn’t clear:

Why exactly should anyone give two fucks about a section of the United States which actively went out of its way to ensure the worst fucking candidate possible BAR NONE ended up in the job and are now NOT getting the jobs they were promised, are NOT getting the “help” they were promised and said candidate has done NOTHING to Make America Great Again in any way shape or form.

  • We had to make it. No one helped us. Any laws created to help us made life better for just about everyone else and us only as an afterthought.
  • So, I am just about out of sympathy for White people who thought Trump was the candidate for them because it has been proven by his actions in less than two hundred days that Trump wouldn’t spare the piss to put these people out if he passed them on the side of the road and they were on fire.
  • So let this motherfucker burn to the ground if that is what it takes for them to realize: You can’t burn your house in revenge if the guy outside is in a suit pouring gasoline on your fire. You hurt nobody but yourself and the other unfortunates who didn’t make the same stupid mistakes you did.
  • We are losing our national status as he goes out into the world to offend other world leaders, shit on global policies and present himself as an out of touch, illiterate, robber baron who inherited his wealth and not a lick of damn sense. So far so good…
  • Hey, he’s appointing the least qualified people to have ever held their positions because somehow making things less effective works better. Maybe so he can privatize it later? Because nothing works as well as a government service that has been privatized, right?
  • What about those four hundred other appointments he needs to make? Oh well, they’ve fallen by the wayside because he doesn’t have time with his national drama hit: Making America Great Again (The Reality Show).

Negrodamus Predicts:

“The Militarized States of America 2045. Thanks to the plunge in national status, the United States is now a third world nation firmly in the throes of abject poverty and military dictatorship.

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