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Pleased to make your acquaintance. I certainly dislike seeing so much wrongly interpreted so early in our relationship, so let me see if we can clarify a few things in your response to:

“Sorry to barge in on this incredibly superficial conversation.”

  • While it may be superficial to you, my dear, to others it is a question of representation, opportunity, doors being opened that were once closed. We don’t mind the interruption as long as you remember, you were uninformed before your arrival and now you are informed. You’re welcome.
  • I can understand that talking about fanboys is problematic because unless you call them by name, they aren’t certain you’re talking to them. So I called them to task for their primitive views (in this case on the employment of women as Time Ladies.)

I chose this one because of the intellectual value being wasted (that is a compliment) and inspired me to start my awareness campaign.. forget net neutrality how about the military industrial complex?

  • Where I come from this is known as a back-handed compliment. First you diss me, then you complement me… Did you use your pimp hand first?
  • If you like my work, just say so. No need to neg me into accepting you having something good to say after saying something bad to me. We aren’t familiar like that. I don’t Stockholm with just anybody.

Makes Fukushima look like a walk in the park! And that’s a very scary park.

  • I am assuming you are talking about the idea of my wasted mental energies on this trivial topic rather than devoting myself to something more meaningful like the Military Industrial Complex. OK. I should do that. Oh, wait. I did.
  • I also worry about the economic future of mankind especially after automation decimates the ranks of the employed. ‘Cause I am that kind of guy.
  • I even consider the period before the complete impoverishment of Humanity and the development of algorithmic intelligence.

The passion expressed over some irrelevant tv show gives me hope that you may look up to the sky and also observe the status of local plant life, do some research and spread the word.

  • I look up into the heavens all the time, in silent appreciation,
  • in scientific exploration,
  • and in intellectual contemplation.

Commit to a week of open minded observation. Take notes and that smart phone camera is handy dandy for confirming suspect clouds or dead/dying trees.

  • While I think about that forest, I am going to wonder as to its eventual fate given our failure to seem even the tiniest bit civilized…
  • You can check the time stamp on the last one. I have been doing this for quite some time… and signing my name to it.

Ms. Williams, since I make my living as a writer, talking about such insignificant things is, unfortunately, part and parcel of the job. Sad but true. Thus some days I write about amazing things and other days I write about amazing things to just SOME people.

But I hope I have made up for wasting your time on such frivolity and given you instead something more significant to waste your time on, intellectually-speaking.

Thaddeus Howze

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