On the Death of James Rhodes — War Machine

‘Making America White Again’ one page at a time

James Rhodes as War Machine meeting his end against the Mad Titan, Thanos in Civil War II #1.
Bill Foster (Giant Man) dies at the hands of a genetically-engineered Thor in the first Civil War series.
Third-party congressional candidate for Tennessee’s 3rd District, Rick Tyler tells WTVC that he erected the sign to provoke thought and to get people thinking about pre-1960s America when whites were a “super-majority.”

So, without further ado:

A couple of quotes from an interview with Brian Michael Bendis

The untimely remains of James Rhodes
First appearance, Hero for Hire, 1972
The Captain Britain Corps, an entire collection of White metaheroes protecting all of time and space. Of course they do.
  • They have to be the best of the best to be allowed to show up at the table with Whites. See Men in Black.
  • They have to be amazing and yet understated.
  • They have to outperform everyone at the table, but never let it actually be known.
  • They have to maintain a sense of supreme confidence, perfect poise, and a state of immeasurable mental fortitude that can never crack or show emotion.
  • Because if it does, they are out of a job — considered too temperamental.
James Rhodes fighting against a room full of techno-ninjas in his nothing but his BVDs, and making them look bad. The big boss had to help out… Invincible Iron Man #8, 2015
I read this issue of Invincible Iron Man with great pride in my heart. Rhodes was bad-ass. Who knew a year later he would be dead. Marvel, that’s who.
Rhodey: always kept it real with Stark.

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