Only Workers Who Should Be Replaced by ChatGPT: CEOs

“Replacing workers with ChatGPT or other generative AI, is the equivalent of hiring a Magic 8 ball and wondering why your company died.”

Thaddeus Howze


“Chatbots cannot think like humans: They do not actually understand what they say. They can mimic human speech because the artificial intelligence that powers them has ingested a gargantuan amount of text, mostly scraped from the internet.”
— Washington Post:

The idea of firing workers (perhaps except for your CEO) replacing them with a chatbot generative AI, and expecting meaningful, significant, cogent and reasonable developments in their place is patently ridiculous.

Chatbots are using an algorithm to decided what to put in the place of whatever you tell them to emulate. If you say: Act as an accountant and derive a mathematical formula based in accounting parameters, the software dives into its data model and presents IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, whatever information seems to meet your requirement.

There is no ANALYTICAL process to determine if the model it recovers, passes muster, is accurate, is EVEN WHAT YOU SENT IT FOR, and the facts it presents could just as easily be wrong…