OP-ED: He was ‘Just a Guy…’

Stephen Paddock, murderer, is repackaged to the general public

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What the fuck?

What is it with the news media and their effort to humanize this murderer? Why am I supposed to feel anything but the absolute loathing I would have waking up to a poisonous viper flicking its tongue on my face rearing back to strike…

He was ‘just a guy…’

The perfect rationalization: a crazy old guy. Harmless on the look of him; surely not a threat to anyone but the nearly 60 people he killed in under ten minutes or the five hundred who were injured because of his actions.

  • A Congress that made the decision to limit military grade firearms to the military. Made it impossible to find, sell or own such weapons to anyone who isn’t in the military.
  • Making such ownership punishable by time in prison. Making the acquisition of such weaponry punishable by extreme prison sentences.
  • A Congress which would dare to buy back such weapons from the nation no matter what it cost because it valued the lives of its citizens.
  • A Congress which limited the size of clips in automatic handguns, one that would demand only the police be able to have oversize clips. A citizen would be able to have a clip of 8 bullets.
  • Yes, Congress realizes this would not make them popular with the NRA but they realize the number of lives saved would be worth the ire of the IRA.
  • They would rather have a Congress who wouldn’t use the idea of bump stocks to prevent them from having to address the real issues of gun control.
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“It’s particularly inappropriate to politicize an event like this. It just happened within the last day and half. Entirely premature to be discussing about legislative solutions if any.”

Because, the right to murder your fellow citizen exceeds their right to be alive.

Thank god for Teen Vogue. (A sentence I never, ever, expected to leave my lips across the entirety of my life.)

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You disgust me, Mitch McConnell. I can barely contain my rage at your very existence. The very definition of monster…

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