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Pete Ross, best friend to Clark Kent, Medium is a place which will take some time to get used to. It is both a wonderful and yet completely counter-intuitive environment.

You will find Medium is the home of the venture capitalist or startup listicle (an article whose primary focus is to define a list of things needing to be done, needing to be avoided, or put together in a list so the people with short attention spans can recognize an article is near ending).

Usually listicles are fluff pieces which appear to offer help and succor to people suffering from a perceived malady or lack; in my opinion, more than fifty percent of such articles need never have existed in the first place and the Universe would be no worse for the tortured electrons held captive in their space.

The part of Medium that shines is when creative writers put themselves on the block and share their writing. While this writing is rarer than listicles, journalism pieces or venture capitalist manifestos, the creative writing is often raw, open and ofttimes bitterly compelling.

And even more so, rarely commented upon or upvoted.

The Medium interface supports and highlights articles which are upvoted first and thus if you are upvoted (and listicles most often are) it makes the site appear strongly venture capitalist, business journalism and listicle oriented.

Please don’t let that stop you from writing or reading. There are many very talented writers and nowadays writers are doing their best to share their favorites with each other. Hopefully Medium will do more to help good writers get the recognition they deserve.

For now, write for you. Create the work you want to see; be the writer you imagine yourself being. Make friends with other writers and support those whose works speak to you. Do that, and people will find YOU. They will share your work, they will promote you and most importantly they will champion your work, cheering you to victory or consoling you with new wisdom in defeat.

This is the lot of a writer. You may do the work alone, but you need not suffer the slings and arrows without shield brothers and sisters at your side.

Now sally forth and write my dear fellow. We are with you!

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