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Racism has nothing to do with skin bleaching or excessive tanning. Unless it is a sign of personal or internalized racial issues due to the forces of systemic racism cultural politics.

For those unsure of what I mean: Dark-skinned Blacks have far fewer opportunities in White culture than light-skinned Blacks, so the occurrence of skin bleaching may be an issue if a Black person’s opportunities in a systemically racist White culture may be increased if they are perceived to be lighter.

As for tanning? Perhaps the delicious and varied colors of some minority cultures have taboo allure and those tanning excessively perhaps want to get a piece of that hidden allure…

If memory is the issue, I would be more inclined to acknowledge the chance for the culture to change and improve if I saw real forward improvements in the culture.

Instead I see constant excuses for misuse of power from the power structure of this society. Many of the issues I spoke about are a result of a power structure which is only recently starting to question the wisdom of the existence of such policies when the expense has become greater than the supposed benefit, i.e. the Prison Industrial complex, particularly in the California area where stringent laws set up the chain reaction of expensive prisons and worsening schools.

It is always so easy to hear a White person tell me to “temper my message” or to “use the proper language or tone” so that my message can be heard. Anyone can make an excuse to ignore a message if they don’t want to hear it.

As to my ability to use the Queen’s English, there isn’t a thing wrong with it. I chose the referenced and paraphrased quote because it indicated my complete displeasure with White’s constant complaints about “taking our country back,” or how they needed to “return the nation to greatness.”

My displeasure with the sanctimonious nature of “American Exceptionalism” is based on the idea that the best people of color can hope for is to accept whatever America is dolling out this year and be grateful.

So we understand each other: Fuck that.

We made America great. You keep forgetting that. Our labor. Our effort. Our sweat. Our lives.

Don’t fucking presume to tell me what or how I can talk about my feelings on how this country has treated minorities. Hang you head in shame until I have walked on by. For four hundred years of murder and oppression across the damn planet, its the least you can do before you go back to destroying everything in sight.

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