Rebirth — My Spoiler-Free First Impression

Holy universal, retcon, feel-a-thon, Batman!

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Smiles everyone! Let’s see the smiles for this newer, hopefully brighter DC Universe!

From the Answer-Man’s Secret Lair

Rebirth’s the first time DC has put a big smile on my face in years!

Rebirth attempts to recover, reconcile or reverse decisions DC may have regretted making in their last couple of soft boots. Things that were later considered to be really bad ideas or ideas that were badly implemented and in need of retooling.

Lots of new faces, a touch of diversity (not nearly as much as I would like) but I guess we have to start somewhere. A couple of faces have reappeared which means there is always a chance for something new to happen.

A note: Nothing from Milestone’s Dakotaverse showed up, so this might mean the Rebirth may have released them from the mainstream DC Earth (no idea of parallel Earths still or will exist — They’d better…cause I won’t be happy if they don’t — See: Val Zod.)

Otherwise, it was a promising issue, showing all kinds of shoutouts to the previous DC Universes, and hints to the true nature of this one. No useful facts can be determined at this time, but LOTS of conjecture can be made.


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The New 52, Earth-2, Successor Superman, Val Zod

In Summary:

In an ideal world what we can hope is this hard reboot of the DC Universe will last longer than the New 52 and creates new readers of DC’s work rather than alienating yet another generation before the monkey presses the button.


I will revisit this in greater, more spoilery detail in a later post. Stay tuned!

Mutters to himself: This will be the third universal upgrade to the Mobius Chair’s Universal Matrix in twenty years. Is this thing still under warranty? Maybe I need to call for help…

— Answer-Man

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