The Sagas of Radi Kahina — A Mistress in Thunder

A collection featuring stories from the Saga of The Ninth Age.

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How we got here…

My goal is to finish these serial stories, presumably within my lifetime. I started writing them, experimenting with a particular story from my childhood that I wished was better. No names are mentioned.

I was really enjoying writing it and sharing it with a family member who was under cancer treatment and read my work during her chemotherapy. When she suddenly passed away I was too distracted to continue. I was writing these stories for her and she was their biggest fan.

After her passing I had originally thought I would let them languish unfinished but I realized she wouldn’t have wanted me to do such a thing. So I have collected them to make it easier for me to consider them, organize my thought processes and begin again.

Feel free to encourage me if you like them or tell me what you don’t like — besides the fact I am not done with any of the stories outside of the very first group which create the background for the later adventures. Once I am done with my current Clifford Engram, Paranormal Investigator serial: On the Trail of the Untouchable Rat, I believe I will pick one of these back up.

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In an age long before Radi, Daughter of Kahina and Mistress of Thunder, the world was filled with savagery and sorcery. The previous ages filled the solar system with technology, mysteries and monstrosities as the final remnants as the Empires of Man waged catastrophic wars.

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Before joining Uriel, immortal sorcerer and Kom, Warrior-Priest of Ukla, Radi, Mistress in Thunder had her own crew and her own adventures seeking out the Spear of Heaven.


What has gone before: The Mistress in Thunder arrives with her intrepid crew to the borders of the famed realm of Karnac, a city of mages and darkest magic most foul. Her passenger, the Baron Selmond says the path to the Spear of Heaven lies within this nest of vipers.

— — — — — — — —

The overcast sky was gods-sent. Radi hadn’t wanted to wake the Baron befor their arrival in Karnac but it appeared she would have no choice.

“Get him. Now. Impress upon him the urgency,” she shouted to her men as she squared off against the Fire Golem.

“Yes, Mistress. At once.” The boatswain disappeared into the cargo hold dodging the raining fifty caliber rounds landing across the deck. Two young deckhands swept the deck gathering shell casings. Each casing was precious since their supply was both limited and irreplaceable without great effort.

The Golem towered over Radi but she shook her head, warning her men, only too eager to throw themselves into the fray for her, to stay back and watch for an opportunity that mattered. Then the blood-red gem on its chest flared red and a sound like a aircraft engine roared from the automaton’s mouth.

Radi crossed her coldfire blades as the titanic form of the golem expelled searing gasses from within.

Likely the creature housed an elemental within adding to its nearly indestructible frame, a means of destroying enemies at range. The area around her was filled with flame and smoke and the warriors on the deck of the ship bristled at their helplessness.

The coldfire swords, the signature weapon of her families Warmaster, were a relic of the Sixth Age. Over three thousand years old, the ability to create such a device was long lost and likely never to be found again. Their apparently corroded surfaces which housed the blades of blue black fire, also hid their many impressive capabilities from casual use.

In this moment, the crossed blades while useless for fighting would emit a shield of near perfect protection; for ten seconds.

Radi’s warriors knew their Mistress and stayed out of her way. And well they did. As she was apparently consumed in the gout of flame, the two gunners continued to rain fire upon the construct.

At first appearing to have no effect, the cold had begun to freeze the construct and the fifty caliber rounds began to chip away at the frozen sections.

The construct stood still waiting to see the burned husk of the Mistress in Thunder before moving on to destroy her crew and ship.


Though the play area is incomplete, feel free to look around. Pardon the dust.

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Maybe when I am done, I will collect them all together into a single omnibus — Saga of the Ninth Age: Seven Spears of Darkness. I can dream, right?

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Thaddeus Howze is a writer, essayist, author and professional storyteller for mysterious beings who exist in non-Euclidean realms beyond our understanding. Since they insist on constant entertainment and can’t subscribe to cable, Thaddeus writes a variety of forms of speculative fiction to appease their hunger for new entertainment.

Thaddeus’ speculative fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies: Awesome Allshorts: Last Days and Lost Ways (Australia, 2014), The Future is Short (2014), Visions of Leaving Earth (2014), Mothership: Tales of Afrofuturism and Beyond (2014), Genesis Science Fiction (2013), Scraps (UK, 2012), and Possibilities (2012).

He has written two books: a collection called Hayward’s Reach (2011) and an e-book novella called Broken Glass (2013) featuring Clifford Engram, Paranormal Investigator.

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