Something Drastic

How desperate do things have to get before you go back on your word?

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I remember the last thing I was thinking before the world ended. I was reading the newspaper online when I heard an article lamenting the increasing costs of Girl Scout Cookies.

The title, doing that click-bait thing said: THE PRICE OF GIRL SCOUT COOKIES (not made with real Girl Scouts, I might add) IS GOING UP.

I remember thinking — who the hell still eats those things? Hoping I would become more technologically sophisticated, my son brought me this computer last year and then spent another year trying to get me to use it.

I recall typing into a browser with my Karl Kolchak two-finger hunt and peck special. My kids always laughed.

“Price can go up all it wants. The taste has reached an all-time low. They need never expect me to part with a single cent toward these cookies made by the lowest bidder, with the lowest quality ingredients possible.

I considered eating the box BEFORE the cookies last time I bought some. It won’t happen again unless something drastic changes.”


Before everything went completely to hell, we learned:

“The world has a neutron star pass near our solar system, throwing the Earth into a longer elliptical orbit, hot short summers, cold, long , dark, winters. Good luck.”

95% of all life on Earth perishes in frost, earthquake or fire. Humanity hangs on by a grim thread living underground for all but a few weeks each year.

Tons of Girl Scout cookies are found in a cache during the few months Humans can be above ground. Everyone is lean with hunger, able to count more than a few ribs.

His wife, worried about his diminishing physical state is happy for the empty calories, and brings him ten boxes. They found thousands.

He looks at her with love. She means well. How could she have known? His face hardens and then thinking only of her he tears a tab off the top of the box. Poor thing hasn’t eaten anything. She came straight here.

He takes the cookies in their inner wrapper, checks to see if they are still safe from the ravages of weather or time.

He hefts them and then hands her the cookies. Her eyes light up. Looking down he proceeds to enthusiastically — eat the box.

He looks at her and around the dry cardboard he says: “It’s not time yet. All hope’s not lost. I still have the boxes. You go ahead and eat those. I’m good.”

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Thaddeus Howze is a California-based technologist and author who has worked with computer technology since the 1980’s doing graphic design, computer science, programming, network administration and IT leadership.

His non-fiction work has appeared in numerous magazines: Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Black Enterprise, the Good Men Project,, The Enemy, Panel & Frame, Science X,, and He maintains a diverse collection of non-fiction at his blog, A Matter of Scale.

Thaddeus is a popular and well-read writer on the Q&A site in over various subjects. He is also a moderator and contributor to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Stack Exchange with over a fourteen hundred articles in a four year period.

He is an author and contributor at His speculative fiction has appeared online at,, and the Au Courant Press Journal. He has a wide collection of his work on his website, Hub City Blues. His recently published works can be found here. He also maintains a wide collection of his writing and editing work on Medium.

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