Sometimes it’s necessary to wrestle the Pig. Lest he track shit everywhere…

Why the cries for civil discourse from the Conservative Right are as disingenuous as their attempts at calling what they do legitimate in Trump’s adhocracy.

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This is, frankly, why he is kicking our asses. We are too busy trying to find the right, polite words to describe what he is doing, removing the sting from his racism, removing the bite from his hatred of other people, their cultures, their religions.

Making his intolerance palpable because we don’t want to admit America has a history of tearing children from their parents (and selling them) like the Father of our Country, George Washington did.

Or for acknowledging we took children away from the Native Americans and forced them into education camps to make them less like their own culture and more like White Culture.

Or by putting them in concentration camps during World War II because of the actions of a government unwilling to make the effort to accept the word of Japanese-Americans who had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor’s attack on the United States other than having relatives in Japan.

Notice we didn’t put any German-Americans in those same camps. Or Italian-Americans. Weren’t they on the same side as the Japanese…?

This question of civility has never been an issue when Trump is saying Maxine Waters has a “low IQ” which is racist and as discriminatory as hell.

It didn’t cause anyone distress when he mocked a disabled journalist or disrespected an honored military veterans family.

Or when he called the rightful protest of the murders of Black American citizens by Black sports stars like Colin Kaepernick in the NFL “Those sons of bitches.”

Let’s not forget my personal favorite: “Those shit-hole countries.”

These are just some of the most egregious shots from Trump’s dumpster fire of presidential incivility overlooked by media in an effort to gain his favor and avoid his scathing bully pulpit of Twitter, under the premise we should not descend to his level while he deconstructs the nation before our incredulous allies and his newest pals: the worst dictators living in the world today.

His cries for civility should fall on deaf ears, having been the most uncivil president in living memory, and with his lap-bitch, Huckabee-Sanders parading his lies forth as a gospel from God, incontrovertible, incorruptible, and absolutely libelous in every way, she joins him in the disrespect brigade of shameless opportunism, exploiting their power and their pulpit to shame anyone too weak to stand up against them, claiming if you dare to print anything resembling the truth rather than parroting their parade of lies, that you are a purveyor of fake news.

You feckless weaklings of the modern press. I am talking to you.

It’s time we stop accepting this economic beatdown where Trump does something stupid and you rationalize it away as some secret plan of superhuman brilliance so complex no one can understand.

It isn’t that. He has no idea of what he’s doing and even a child can recognize this. This “expectation of competency” because he was considered some kind of business guru, though nothing in his history supports this viewpoint, is irresponsible and will lead to the eventual collapse of our social network, our social contract, and the capacity to even call ourselves a society, rather than a parasitic lesion, a corrupted pustule on the ass of a world growing more and more dissatisfied with what was once supposed to be (arguably) the greatest nation on Earth. It wasn’t true, mind you, we have as much dirt in our history as nations four or five times our age, but we were trying to do better.

In this modern age, it is time for us to stop making excuses for Trump’s adhocracy (government by guessing would be the easiest way to describe it) and call him the bully that he is. Call him the monster who separates children from their parents for the sheer sadistic joy he and Stephen Miller get from it.

His appointment of Jeff Sessions was a step toward terrorizing minorities and he knew it when he put the man in the job. Despite his no longer being in the White House, the gross specter of Bannon still radiates his racist evil with every beat of Trump’s orange heart.

Let’s just get this out of the way and stop calling Trump the best president this nation has ever had to offer, the most progressive thinker, the greatest planner, the most clever user of social media, a wheeler and dealer, capable of managing the most intractable nations on Earth with guile and skill never seen before in a president and call him what he truly is.

I think all of the comedians, actors, activists, and protesters who have the temerity to call Trump what he is, will one day be vindicated because they had the guts to stand up and say so much more than just “Fuck Trump.”

They dared to challenge him, make him responsible, make him and his administration uncomfortable, dared to say to him:

“We repudiate you, Satan. Nothing you say is true and your quoting scripture to your own ends does not make you nor your machinations holy. We will fight you in the streets, in the boardrooms, on the benches, in the courts, anywhere we have to in order to bring our nation back to some semblance of order, not mandated by your newly-created police state, your government of banning other nations and isolationism, protectionism and short-sighted pseudo-greatness through the lens of bigoted fear and loathing of anything different.”

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