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Spot on, hard hitting and serving one more purpose you didn’t know about.

I thought your treatment was excellent. It said everything that needed saying in a clean, cogent, concise manner.

The amount of kickback it receives tells me it is exactly what is happening in the IT industry and no amount of just teaching women to code is going to fix this.

As a veteran of the IT industry with 25+ years behind the machine, guiding the teams, creating the resources, I am happy to say, I have employed more women on my teams than anyone I know.

They were more consistent, more detailed-oriented, more driven to succeed, if for no other reason than to prove they were the equal of any men who worked with us.

You are correct when you say, what needs to change is the underlying premise of a “boys club” where guys play video games, ping pong and discriminate against anyone who isn’t thinking exactly like they do.

This behavior comes down from on high; their leadership, their managers, their company leaders promote this discrimination, in some cases overtly, but in many, it is the subtle microagresssions, attacks against the women in a way that is difficult to pin down and even more difficult to complain to Human Resources about. This emotional assault undermines morale for women, driving them from the industry.

Unfortunately, one of the best ways to fix this is to create your own resources, your own ecosystems and challenge your students who should consider becoming future employers to work and promote themselves first.

But the very best thing about your article, besides being full of win?

It clearly defined for me who the people are on Medium I should make every effort to avoid.

I was happy to block every single one of them who made a specious argument against treating women (indeed anyone: Black, women, LGBT, older workers) with equal pay, equal opportunity and equal chances to change one of the most racially discriminatory, culturally abusive and misogynistic industries in the modern world. And the industry with the most effect on the impending future of our species.

There simply shouldn’t be anyone against the idea we should have an equal stake in creating the future. Anyone who says otherwise, no matter what BS excuse they put forth, should be ignored.

Post Haste.

Thank you for your great words and I will be sharing them with everyone I know. Keep up the excellent writing and inspirational viewpoints.

We all need it, realize it or not.

Author | Editor | Futurist | Activist | |

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