The Great Shutdown of Feb 15, 2019

The ‘Great American Hostage Ceremony’ Continues Bigly

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Watching Donald Trump turn tail and run? Priceless.

Looks like no one gives a damn about the people though. We’re not rich enough, I guess. To the 4.1 million government contractors who have not been guaranteed any money after the shutdown, whose businesses may have suffered, whose homes may have been put at risk, whose children may not have eaten, whose livelihoods were affected, whose health may have been compromised because it was choose to eat or to have medicine. To the hundred and twenty million other people affected tangentially by the shutdown, the tenants of HUD housing, the recipients of SNAP, the businesses relying on government workers to dutifully appear, rain or shine, to support your businesses, too, I feel your pain. I recognize the challenges you have faced.

Or until air traffic controllers mentioned: “We can’t guarantee your safety when we are delirious with hungry, made desperate by deprivation, and dumbfounded by your inability to recognize we hold your lives in our stressed, hypertensive, diabetic-trembling hands.”

My advice: Do whatever it takes to prepare. How one prepares to be for months without an income is completely incomprehensible. But this is what Donald Trump wants you to consider before he takes you hostage again.

Seriously, the problem lies in the threat: If there is no way to stop him from shutting down the government and no laws can be enacted which prevent him from harming American citizens because, well, Congress has no metaphorical balls, what’s to stop him from taking America hostage again?

What happens when he doesn’t get a wall, or whatever the next monument to his vanity might be?

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