The Righteous Shunning of Alex Jones

This isn’t a slippery slope, this is corrective heart surgery of a media-obsessed nation.

I have been listening to people all over the Internet talking about Alex Jones and the slippery slope of shunning and banning him from his primary social media venues which included Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify.

I see why Jones is upset: “The Alex Jones Show” is broadcast on more than 60 radio stations, and his YouTube channel has more than 2.3 million subscribers, according to the complaint. This show makes him a small fortune and every day it isn’t making money selling his schwag cuts into his pocket. He is going to need that money to defend himself in court.

If you don’t know who Alex Jones is, it is perfectly okay. If you are fortunate, you will never have to. But if you had to, I want you to understand that in my mind, the collapse of his media dumpster fire is exactly that, the end of a fire which promoted pollution far beyond what should have been his reach in life. He has had his fifteen minutes of fame and there were fourteen too many.

Let me be clear: There is nothing slippery about this slope.

Alex Jones preaches hate and hateful rhetoric, stirring people to violence and murder. (On the strength of that alone, he should be banned from using any social media.)

He preaches murder, either murder he himself will do, or those he can incite others to do on his behalf.

He preaches oppression. He misinformed the public. He called the murders of children a fraud. He harmed people who have lost family members.

He called himself a news source which does not actually require any stringency in his fact-checking.

He went to court and told a judge, what he does ISN’T news. It is entertainment and the behavior he exhibits is an act, not based in reality.

But he has never said this to his viewers. He intentionally mislead them, daily, screaming his mad rantings to anyone who would hear him.

He has made himself fabulously wealthy preaching hatred, division, cultural, social and religious harm to those who listen to him and those who are affected by his listeners.

This isn’t a question, to me, of whether he should be banned from participating in social media, in undermining the public trust, in polluting the Commons of the internet with what I would call lazy and specious rhetoric which should be able to be refuted by a fourth grader…

The question should really be: Why did it take so long, why was it so difficult to address his content directly as the burning trashfire that it was and demand that if he wanted to call himself NEWS, to be providing information which is truthful and factual;

WHY did it take so long for these media agencies who are now trying to ban him, to do so, knowing that part of his technique will be to martyr himself on the idea that he is now being suppressed and that the rhetorical garbage which passes for news to him is now a gospel of suppression and disenfranchisement OF HIM?

How can it be that this most monstrous of our citizens, Alex Jones, who has for a time, taken advantage of his space in society to ACTIVELY HARM ANYONE WHO LISTENED TO HIM, enfranchised by his connection to whiteness and its attendant cultural and social power, can now, when their chicanery is revealed, lay claim to being disenfranchised and punished for serving what should be considered little more than the cast off drippings of an exploitative madness, which we should be more ashamed of supporting than shutting down?

Shutting him down is the very least we should do. His body of work, recorded and able to be presented should be used as a means and standard of approaching and disabling anything which resembles it in tone and tenor; he should become the standard by which the electronic agencies of this nation should be judged.

None of them would pass. That might be the only good he can provide the world; a cautionary example of what greed, madness, and the power of media can offer you, should you decide to become a demagogue without morales, scruples or concern for the dupes you have mislead.

Let me be clear: Fuck Alex Jones and his multi-million dollar empire built out of harm, shame, and the disgrace of what has become the American media model.

It’s a damn shame it took this long. What does that say about us?

This was Thaddeus Howze and I am your…Cognitive Dissident

Thaddeus works as a writer and editor for two magazines, the Good Men Project, a social men’s magazine as well as for Krypton Radio, a sci-fi enthusiast media station and website. He is also a freelance journalist for and Panel & Frame magazine. Thaddeus is the co-founder of Futura Science Fiction Magazineand one of the founding members of the Afrosurreal Writers Workshopin Oakland.

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