The Slavery Restoration Act

Those sea walls won’t build themselves without slave labor

Thaddeus Howze
10 min readOct 31, 2020


If all of the ice at the polar caps were to melt, America’s shoreline would change drastically leaving millions homeless.

Introducing the “Judicial Gambit”

A thought-experiment seeing where the conversation on the repeal of the 13th Amendment leads us…

It won’t be the first amendment they topple on their road to Nazi America, but it will certainly be the last. With the turning of the screws in the Supreme Court and the shoehorning of Amy Coney Barrett into barely cooled robes of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Republican’s judicial gambit is now complete.

Whatever do you mean, gentle dissident? I’ve never heard of the “judicial gambit” before.

I am certain it has a real name somewhere, but I have opted to call the painstaking process undertaken by Republicans for thirty years to manipulate themselves into a position of power that would not require having dominance in the White House or the Congress, the judicial gambit, for this plan requires only the control of the lower courts, federal courts and the Supreme Court of the United States.

The judicial gambit is the Republican realization they cannot win elections with their policies as presented. They are too financially-oriented to the wealthy to be appealing to voters in general; Trump has revealed just how much hatred and division you have to sow in order to reach them today. Many Republicans are not willing to go quite that far, yet. Fortunately, the extreme conservatives who are, happen to be members of the QAnon conspiracy and will likely never make for effective members of government. The few QAnon nutbars which are now members of any part of our government are still too few to be dangerous.

Their mere existence, however, reveals just how damaged our process is: how under-educated people are, how much gerrymandering there is, how much voter manipulation there is, to allow such supremely unqualified candidates to participate and win in anything resembling a real election.

The judicial gambit has been to take over the courtrooms of America. Installing judges into courtrooms will give conservatives the capacity to continue to alter the government of the United States, not from the Presidency, nor from the Congress, but through the installation of Supreme…



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