The Slavery Restoration Act

Those sea walls won’t build themselves without slave labor

If all of the ice at the polar caps were to melt, America’s shoreline would change drastically leaving millions homeless.

A thought-experiment seeing where the conversation on the repeal of the 13th Amendment leads us…

It won’t be the first amendment they topple on their road to Nazi America, but it will certainly be the last. With the turning of the screws in the Supreme Court and the shoehorning of Amy Coney Barrett into barely cooled robes of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Republican’s judicial gambit is now complete.

Whatever do you mean, gentle dissident? I’ve never heard of the “judicial gambit” before.

I am certain it has a real name somewhere, but I have opted to call the painstaking process undertaken by Republicans for thirty years to manipulate themselves into a position of power that would not require having dominance in the White House or the Congress, the judicial gambit, for this plan requires only the control of the lower courts, federal courts and the Supreme Court of the United States.

The judicial gambit is the Republican realization they cannot win elections with their policies as presented. They are too financially-oriented to the wealthy to be appealing to voters in general; Trump has revealed just how much hatred and division you have to sow in order to reach them today. Many Republicans are not willing to go quite that far, yet. Fortunately, the extreme conservatives who are, happen to be members of the QAnon conspiracy and will likely never make for effective members of government. The few QAnon nutbars which are now members of any part of our government are still too few to be dangerous.

Their mere existence, however, reveals just how damaged our process is: how under-educated people are, how much gerrymandering there is, how much voter manipulation there is, to allow such supremely unqualified candidates to participate and win in anything resembling a real election.

The judicial gambit has been to take over the courtrooms of America. Installing judges into courtrooms will give conservatives the capacity to continue to alter the government of the United States, not from the Presidency, nor from the Congress, but through the installation of Supreme Court justices and lower court judges. These judges can slowly erode the judicial process, manipulating the machine from behind the robes of Lady Justice, making lasting change to the United States by using their control of the courts and the Supreme Court to create the nation they’ve wanted but could never maintain without effort as president or members of Congress. If you can get a judge in a seat, it may be a long term or even lifetime appointment. Get them young enough and you can manipulate the system for two to four decades.

You have to work to repeal laws, get rid of judges, impeach justices. These things take time. Effort. Energy. A willingness to deal with bullshit. Thus the judicial gambit’s final appeal: its longevity. The Conservatives have decided they don’t want to deal with term limits, or mucking about with the voting process, it’s too much work.

Change the laws, change the world. Make it last.

So with that preamble out of the way, let’s review:

If you are cool with family separation policies which take children from their migrant parents;

If you’re cool with the idea there are CONCENTRATION CAMPS where children are housed at $775 a day with about $15 dollars of that actually spent on the child IN PRISON;

If you are cool with those children languishing without their parents, without due process, without being cared for, with little more than blankets of questionable quality and a complete refusal to allow the press or anyone else to offer them comfort;

If you are cool with the idea that children who were separated may either, never be reunited with their parents, and instead are fostered off without anyone’s consent, or worse, sent back to the country from whence they came without ensuring there is anyone there to take care of them, such as it was;

If you’re okay with the rhetoric which is taking the country in a decidedly fear-inducing direction, catering to the monstrous and completely unsubstantiated fears of white nationalists;

If you’re okay with the president claiming affiliation with White nationalists, effectively supporting the idea that White patriarchy and white supremacy are the natural order of the day in the United States;

If you’re okay with the president fomenting hatred using rallies, his bully pulpit, manipulating the media, directly influencing and creating his version of State sponsored media (FOX News, and the Sinclair Network of media stations) to spread his message of support for white nationalists while traumatizing the rest of the nation who don’t accept white nationalist doctrine as the order of the day;

If you’re cool with the President using his office to alter the nature of legislative power across the nation, whose only goal is to increase incarceration, decrease protections and further marginalize anyone the Republican, Evangelical or Radical Right don’t care for;

If you’re good with the president’s administration undermining the environmental protections, the human rights violations, the disenfranchisement of women and trans individuals through legislation and rhetoric,

If you’re good with the idea citizens who have applied for Visas and having gotten them should now LOSE them over the fear-mongering of White nationalist rhetoric being promoted by members of the White House staff, literally the last place you should expect to hear them;

If you’re good with the idea the President should do his level best to undermine the 14th Amendment and promoting the idea we should not only disrupt a process which has made this nation great, but in addition to stopping it, hunting down every American who has been naturalized because of it — He hasn’t said that, you say… No, he does not have to. That is the natural extrapolation of what he has done thus far.

As the rich grow richer and the poor grow more desperate, there will soon be financial incentives to go along with betraying your neighbors so if you are okay with ICE rampaging across the nation as a neo-Gestapo, with Americans calling in on their neighbors and eventually those citizens who naturalized but whose parents may not be citizens, then;

You will almost certain be okay with the idea that the right to vote should return to only White men. It’s what’s best for the nation, so they tell us.

You will almost be certainly on board with the idea women shouldn’t be voting. It’s an unnecessary burden on women and the system.

Hell, you may even decide that women shouldn’t be in the workplace because they need to be spending more time having White babies to prevent the Browning of America.

But do you think if all of these other things come true (and at the rate we are moving backward through time, it might only take another 18 months) why not just repeal the Voting Rights Acts entirely and get rid of the 13th Amendment as well, reverting America to a state where slavery is no longer a constitutional issue but a local one.

How long before a Republican-run state decides this is the order of the day?

How long before 33 others follow? To get that constitutional amendment requires 34 states to agree to consider it. The Supreme Court is already in their pockets.

It will be the law of the land and everything would have been done by the book. But would it be right? It might be legal, but would it carry any moral authority? Would other nations acknowledge it? Or would they watch in mute horror as their own authoritarian leaders lick their chops in anticipation of such horror on their own soils? It’s going to take a lot of labor to build that wall to keep immigrants out and more importantly to keep former Americans, now members of the slave caste, in.

America needs a free labor class. To build those sea walls to prevent shoreline erosion from a threat the Republicans know perfectly well is coming.

Sea walls? What sea walls? Shoreline erosion? You implore me to answer.

Yes, the inevitable erosion or erasure of the present day homes of millions of American’s along the coastlines. 13 to 30 million Americans would find themselves literally without a place to return to, because it would be under water. Thus America will need massive infrastructure projects creating sea wall barriers before the rise of the oceans prevents this further. A threat which will cost trillions of dollars, if you had to pay for labor.

But what if you didn’t?

How long before we have to worry about returning to slavery as a national good to protect America from the incursion of foreign nationals, or the threat of escaping slaves, or the advent of sea level rise affecting coastlines where most of the nation’s industry and commerce reside?

Because you see, that is where the slippery slope stops.

Let me tell you one other thing just in case you think all of the things Trump mentioned are good, just and natural extensions of policies which will “Make America Great Again.”

No one I know will return quietly to slavery.

No one I know will walk gently into a death camp.

No one I know will accept being shuffled off to die, so America can become Nazi America, laughing in the face of 60 to 80 million lives lost to secure the world from the threat of Nazi German and the other Axis powers of World War II.

No one I know is prepared to let 6% of the nastiest, most venal Americans trundle the rest of us off to slave labor camps for economic exploitation so .1% of us who destroyed the environment, can avoid paying to fix it.

And if I know you and you believe this is a good thing, you better never let me hear you say it. Just bail quietly from my stream and disappear from my friend list. It’s better this way. I won’t even know. Or care.

I WILL NEVER, having sacrificed blood and bone in this nation’s military, accept being returned to the status of slave for the so-called good of the nation.

I am not asking for liberty. (See: Give me Liberty or…)

I am letting you know, my freedom will come with the highest price imaginable.

Someone will have to die to get it. And every day I am a slave, someone will die to keep me that way. There will be no negotiation.

Don’t let Donald Trump write a check this nation can ill afford to try and cash.

Because there are at least 200 million other people, far more than the 19 million right-wing fascist, Nazi assholes, who don’t think returning the nation to its racist roots in exploitation and slavery is an ideal condition.

Revolutions have started with far less provocation.

So either get a ballot or a bullet ready.

Today should be the last day Donald Trump gets to tell you that your freedom, however you got it, should be HIS to BUY, TRADE or SELL on any market.


Vote. Because Donald Trump and his right-wing extremist ilk WILL imprison you. Not today. Not tomorrow. But soon.

Because they begun to outlawed protest.

They are imprisoning protesters and buying bullets by the bushel for the inevitable conflict they are creating with their rhetoric.

Yes, those media pundits will tell you, its not him, its comedians, it’s the radical left, it’s the fluoride in the water, it’s the gays, it’s the Democrats.

It’s not their hateful rhetoric. It’s not their support of evangelical, radical people willing to and perfectly capable of murdering innocent people without conscience.

The same way those commentators will seed the nation with their hate, paying their spokesmen, millions of dollars per year (search out the obscene salaries of Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson) who will feign surprise when it becomes a bitter harvest of Human lives, taken with the tools they refuse to outlaw, by those people they refuse to call terrorists, by a government which refuses to take responsibility for the hatred it spews every second of every day, twenty four hours a day, nearly every day of the year.

Sooner or later, subjugation, exploitation, incarceration and extermination are always the final solution of the Right Wing’s extreme agenda. It has to be. Only murder can silence dissidents.

Ironically, like a stopped clock, Kanye West can be right for two minutes a day, he just had the time period wrong.

Slavery, today, is a choice.

I choose never to be a slave in this modern society lead by racists, lunatics, monsters, and businessmen who believe the best any of us can do is be a Human resource for their exploitation.

Pay attention people, the hyenas are circling. Which side do you really think you’re on? If you’re able to read this, you are on the menu…

I will have my liberty and I am prepared to allow some Nationalists to die for their beliefs.

Because we can’t both be right.

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