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Though toughness matters…

It is in those times whether it be the things we go through or the problems we overcome which help define us as adults; we learn our most important lessons when we remember — regret nothing… though life will most likely kick you repeatedly at an inopportune moment, the toughest of us get up, buy a cup, and learn to see life vicissitudes before they get close enough to spend a weekend in the drunk tank in some God-forsaken hell-hole on Route 66.

You’ll know you’ve arrived when those become the stuff of party conversation among close friends who know what you’ve been through and you don’t have to pretend you know all the answers; you can lay down your veneer of toughness and just be.

Yes. Spell-checking is great but it won’t read for content. One time, out-loud should help catch error on spelling or context. Context matters.

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