U.S. House passes anti-GMO labeling law

Why you should care if genetically modified foods are not labeled in your future

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  • It is also about the fact that they are bad for socio-ecological sensitive areas around the world;
  • the fact that they are bad for the environment;
  • the fact that there is a lack of independent studies before they are approved as well as a lack of regulations regarding studies on how they are applied in agriculture after they are used — which includes assessments of the use of pesticides and herbicides, etc;
  • it is also about IP patent laws, and a few companies having control over the world’s food supply,
  • the corruption of politicians;
  • it’s about the suppression of science and attacks on scientists who have findings that aren’t in favor of the biotech industry;
  • it’s about the absence of ethical issues: should they even genetically modify one food one way at all in the first place, and for what reasons (think golden rice: just distribute vitamin A supplement instead, much cheaper, much more effective, fewer problems);
  • it’s about cross contamination issues with non-GMO and organic crops;
  • it’s about the increased use of poisonous chemicals like glyphosate, 2,4-D, and the added chemicals like dicamba, and isoxaflutole and more;
  • it’s about Monsanto’s lack of ethics as a company and suing farmers, and trying to stop labeling laws by funding lawsuits against them;
  • it’s about the lack of biodiversity and the continual problem of monoculture that is never addressed;
  • it’s about the propaganda and disinformation campaigns by Monsanto and company to hide what they are doing and what they are doing;
  • it’s about suicides in India because of the Bt cotton issue — part of the blame for that goes to Monsanto, who introduced that cotton in India years ago without abiding by the country’s patent laws first;
  • it’s about the decline of the butterflies and bees and other pollinators; it’s about perpetuating myths like “without GMO foods, the world of 7 billion people will starve” (emotional blackmail based on falsehoods);
  • in the end it’s about the right of the American people to be informed consumers, for ALL the reasons listed above, and more.
  • It is about 64 other countries around the world having that right to label GMO foods (in varying degrees) while we are exempted by a corrupted political process.
  • It is about the absence of a true democratic process, wherein over 90% of Americans, in poll after poll, said they wanted GMO labeling, and in light of that, the fact that the House of Representatives failed in their jobs, on the whole, to represent the will of the American people and instead represented the will of the biotech industries and interested parties.

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