Wake Up, People of Color!

It’s time to wake our Sleeping Giant!

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Illustrations by Antonio Caparo, 2012
#PostRefRacism — for an explosion of racism you didn’t know existed (okay you did, but you tried to pretend didn’t).

Armed with this first-hand knowledge, I say:

African Americans are not a country, but a subgroup. As a subgroup without a clearly defined cultural base, no one wants to acknowledge this group without understanding the forces which place them in this “people without a country” state.

No, no, a thousand times NO!

Here is the truth you are forbidden to hear

The world you live in was made for, by, and about the needs of White men. Their technology will define your future, how they use it, where they use it, who benefits from it and how that technology shall further divide Humanity will be done on the whims of White men.

  • Technologies which shall put people out of work are being directed by White men without any concern for how you are supposed to make it in a consumer-driven society as a member who cannot find work as technology replaces more and more of us.
  • Every decision which empowers a corporation to grow fat and wealthy is based on a board of directors powered almost exclusively by White men.
  • The decisions which shipped your job overseas did not happen in a ghetto, where poverty runs rampant.
  • It did not happen with a group of migrant workers who take their meager earnings and send them back to a poverty-stricken family somewhere else.
  • It was engineered by White men who decided it was cheaper to send your job, your good paying job to a third world nation with less safety laws, lower wages and no means of worker protections to fatten their executive wallets further.
  • Your global economic crisis? White men. Your savings and loan scandals? White men. Your Great Recession of 2008, which catapulted millions into poverty, lost their homes, their retirements, their lifetimes of savings? Which put 18 million people out of work, and managed to give themselves bonuses after engineering a bailout for their corporations but not for your homes? You guessed it: White men.
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Jamie Dimon at the JPMorgan Healthcare Investment Conference.
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Embrace creativity as the newest truth

Create new ideas

Being poor is not a barrier. It has a capacity to release your greatest gifts. Don’t stop striving because you have nothing. Because some of the world’s greatest minds started there, with nothing.

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  • Will you challenge your school systems which tell you the best way to ensure your students get educated is to remove their personalities, standardize-their abilities, crush their creativity, and teach to a test which has not proven to improve their abilities a single iota?
  • Will you help the schools to promote ethics, music, art, critical thinking, debate, analysis, home economics, civics and other things which spark the fires of our humanity, our relationships to each other and the need to be decent to each other, no matter where we are on the socioeconomic ladder?
  • Will you free our students leaving college from onerous debt, a debt so great they will most assuredly spend the rest of their lives paying off their debt to corporations who will, at the same time, refuse to pay them living wages, refuses to pay adequate taxes and will undermine every opportunity for fair wages and adequate taxation by altering the laws of the country with their vast economic and lobbying might?
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Shadow of the Colossus Art by Fellcoda, Sirio and Team Ico
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