Welcome, Mistress of Black Girl Nerds!

Welcome to Medium, Jamie. The site is still in transition but I think you have come at a good time. People are still enthusiastic about what’s happening, the leadership team has secured financing for some time and want to create a platform that is unique in how it interacts with both readers and writers.

Are there issues? Yes. But so far it has been a lot of fun trying to watch them work it out. I read your blog regularly and enjoy much of what I see there.

If you didn’t write another word and just READ this site, you might find the quality of work is strong enough to challenge other longform publications such as the New Yorker, the Atlantic or the once excellent but looking a little saggy lately, Salon (though I still love it).

And the writers here are ambitious, they want to be even better. If you want to reach out and chat with folks here use: https://pomqa.slack.com and see the seedy underbelly of writers hanging out with cigars, pajamas, cats aplenty, scrounging through data, chatting each other up, hoping to help create, or being involved in writing that next great piece of American literature, or news, or comedy or critical scientific or political commentary.

Having read your blog, I am certain you won’t be sitting on your laurels long. There’s too much to talk about and Medium is a great place to be heard.

Lock and load, you are in a target-rich environment. Let’s do this. If you need a hand, you know how to find me.

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Author | Editor | Futurist | Activist | http://bit.ly/thowzebio | http://bit.ly/thpatreon

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