What do you see?

A stupid dog or transcendental joy. You get to decide.

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Upward Facing Dog

It’s about freedom. And perfect joy.

As mortal beings flawed, struggling, imperfect, yet still willing to strive against the impossible odds of being alive, our brief existence flickering in an endless night.

How easy it would be to sit in the valley and want to fly. To make no effort. To sleepily aspire and yet return to a life of comfortable choices, simple aspirations, and constant feelings of inadequacy.

Instead, one has the choice to seek out their aspirations, even the unrealistic ones. How bold it is to climb as high as one is able and decide to jump for that moment, to not live in envy to to strive as hard as one is able, no matter that price.

To have the joy of a singular moment when you are so wonderfully immersed in all the challenges of life you are unaware of anything else.

A oneness with the Universe. You aren’t just experiencing the journey, you are seeking apotheosis. You are seeking your truest self. A journey few are willing to make. Even fewer are willing to sacrifice for.

But everyone has experienced this feeling at some point in their lives, but few remember it, it is such a transcendental feeling, it can’t be sustained.

We aren’t designed for endless joy. We need the lows to drive us, to push us, to remind us we still have work to do, things to accomplish, the impossible to perform.

Seek your joy, intensely, without reservation. Live as powerfully as you dare.

Yes, there is a price tag for such a life. But you’re going to pay that price tag anyway. No one gets out alive.

Life dares all.

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Thaddeus Howze is a writer, essayist, author and professional storyteller for mysterious beings who exist in non-Euclidean realms beyond our understanding.

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Author | Editor | Futurist | Activist | http://bit.ly/thowzebio | http://bit.ly/thpatreon

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