What’s the difference: DC vs. Marvel Comics?

The Difference Ain’t What It Used to Be

The Answer-Man is feeling nostalgic

So we are going to dust off a perennial chestnut.

The DC Way

I loved the Freedom Fighters growing up. There just weren’t enough good stories about them to be found when I was a kid.

The Marvel Way


Reflection on the Industry as a Whole

Another Way to Go

“Alternative Comics” Companies

Valiant Entertainment has recently launched a future line of their comics called 4001 AD. My initial sampling was very favorable.
Image Comics’ incredibly diverse universe of which Spawn and the Savage Dragon are two of its most well-beloved properties.
IDW Publishing and Hasbro extend their relationship and their superheroes into a new Universe where Micronauts, GI Joe, MASKS, Transformers and ROM exist.

Other References

DC’s Comics New 52 Superman has passed away. 2011–2016

Comics and Quora

One of the Answer Archives in a visual representations

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