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Hollywood, Your Misogyny is Showing, Again

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Hollywood executives: Get your heads out of your asses. In addition to your annoying habits of trying to capitalize on nostalgia, weaponizing the 80s as nothing more than a smörgåsbord of bad remakes recreating the same movies over and over with bigger budgets and lesser acting talents, you have always decided which women were deemed worthy and which weren’t. Your line for quality is both arbitrary and specious.

Deciding who is a MILF and who isn’t shouldn’t be a qualifying specification in an actor’s ability to deliver quality lines. Is there a particular reason you think women should stop being considered physically attractive after the age of thirty?

As much as I dislike Amy Schumer (and I really do) this video of hers sums up exactly how I feel about the disparity between how male actors are treated versus female actors in regard to their ages and the roles they get to play.

If a woman is over 40, she no longer need apply for a role that isn’t someone’s mother or grandmother or a crazy old cat lady. Lucy Lawless and Renee O’ Conner aren’t too old to reprise their roles as the ass-kicking-ist barbarian warriors this side of Conan. If anything it would be great to see them revise the characters and TALK about what it was like to be getting older.

I can hear your conversation right now: “I just don’t think they would be right for the roles now. They are so much older, no one may think they are attractive enough to watch. I mean who wants to see Lucy Lawless now?”

Lucy Lawless as Ruby on “Ash vs. Evil Dead.”

The answer is EVERYBODY but YOU.

But you want me to accept this nonsense: Arnold hasn’t stopped wanting to work in Hollywood on his signature projects. One of those projects is Schwarzenegger’s return to his epic character Conan The Barbarian, in a new film called The Legend of Conan. We’ve been hearing about the project since as far back as 2012.

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What a crock of double standard, Hollywood executives. Arnold will have more stunt doubles than Starbucks sells hot mocha latte’s on a winter day in New York. Maybe you can get him a voice coach so after thirty years I can understand his bloody lines.

Male actors can be on social security, wearing a complete set of dentures, need to be digitally altered to be able to stand up on the set. They can be dragging a colostomy bag behind them, dating women young enough to be their grand-daughters, be barely intelligible with crazy thick accents or recent stroke impairments and have a crash cart and medical team on the set in case they die during a scene. And they can still get a role in a movie.

Harrison Ford is 73. Arnold is 68, Stallone is 65 and no one is telling them they can’t play their signature roles.

I don’t like Amy Schumer. I generally don’t think she is very funny but when I found this video, I was forced to consider maybe I just haven’t watched enough of her humor. This uncensored (Not Necessarily Safe for Work) video hits this nail on the head. God bless these actresses for coming out and point directly at the problem, giving examples and reminding us as viewers, WE ARE IN PART RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS HAPPENING.

Stop going to movies you know a double standard has been applied. It isn’t hard to do a little research on a movie when it comes out. They will keep putting women out to pasture until we the viewer stop giving them our money.

I hear you. I just want to go to the movies and watch some decent entertainment without having to do all this research to see if those people were supposedly Black before Hollywood got hold of them (See: Soon to be released — Gods of Egypt), that this particular property is properly represented instead of incredibly whitewashed removing any trace of ethnicity from the films made (See: Avatar: The Last Airbender movie) or that women aren’t finding themselves without adequate representative roles requiring them to be “fuckable” after the age of thirty. (See video below…)

Me, too.

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