Writing Craft — Getting Past Writer’s Block

It’s 2018: New year, new writers, same old writing challenge

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Be okay with not being perfect…its liberating. Start small.

“No shoes, no shirt, not served; still hungry.”

“Cold feet, still no shoes
Longing, through window, no shirt
Dinner unlikely.”

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More than 250 words? Now you need to ask: What’s my motivation?

Outline: The skeleton of a story

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The mysterious Question. In his day job, a hard-nosed reporter who sought answers to questions without easy answers. Depicted as a conspiracy theorist, the Question sought answers after most heroes would have given up. A consummate researcher, the Question never met an answer he ever accepted at face value. He was also very fond of haiku as an art form.

With These Powers Combined…

“Write short stories to practice and grow comfortable with a strong opening, a solid middle and a satisfying close to your stories.”

A related article on why we get discouraged with our writing and what makes pushing onward so difficult for the new writer.

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“Art is the recreation of a private, impossible majesty, the sharing of an inner world with another; revealing to them an opportunity to know their own inner world through the revelation of your own. You free them to seek out the majesty in themselves. This is the true goal of art.”

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